Monday, January 14, 2008

Cast Your Vote

Two more votes to leave the tile as it is. Please cast your vote either on the blog or via e-mail to me. And be honest.

Maybe Dean and I are just too dang picky. At this point we are taking a step back to think long and hard about it. I think we should paint the walls, stain the woodwork and then look again. All opinions expressed are appreciated.◦


Abby said...

I really can't see a difference between the first picture when it's done, and the new one. I think you should definately wait though, no sense in rushing into things.

Trinity said...

Oh no!!! I just saw what is happening to the glass tile....(**&$%R^&! Lesson learned, huh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy and Dean

We have been following the big makeover and very nice it looks too; fantastic job! Yes, you must be 'gutted' as it did not turn out as you planned. But, it still looks great and I agree with your friends in that the tiles still look good. I think painting is the last thing you should consider. Spend some time with your kitchen, get to know it, get to like it, get to see how good it looks 'big picture' rather than under the microscope, accept th compliments from friends. If, in say 6 months time you still can't live with the tiles, or yourself for that matter, then consider the paint (sounds awful in my opinion). Otherwise, continue to love your kitchen and rejoice in the fact that your tiles are unique and that many others will benefit from your experience. Take heart, worse things happen in the world. It's still a great kitchen. Please don't ruin it - just yet! Love, Richard and Rose

Cathy said...

Trin: Dean blames the tile people for not selling us the correct mastik. I figure it was my job to research it but oh, well. The actual tiling and grouting we did is beautiful. We did an awesome job keeping our grout lines straight, etc., etc.

Concensus so far seems to be to Stay Away from the Paint!!

doreen said...

Dean & Cathy,
Don't sweat the small shit. Your kitchen looks great, the tile job is nice everything is balanced. I think the glass tile should be left as is. If you really have to change it get some etching cream from your local stained glass place to reduce the transparency of the tiles. First cut a mask of random patterns using clear contact paper, Apply the template to the tiles and "etch" them. This builds a visual disruption to the background pattern. Sorry to ramble. We miss you guys, cosmic

Cathy said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Doreen. Dean still hates the tile. I'm learning to live with it and it doesn't drive me crazy anymore. I'd wondered about putting a glaze on it to minimize the look of the cracking but I didn't think about etching. That's something to look into if after a few weeks/months Dean still can't stand it.