Monday, August 4, 2008

Do not attempt this at home (or in your own car)

I am trying to get photos ready for my next post but I had take a break from that because as I type Dean is outside trying to unstick the trunk. Here's the deal. He's been using our little Toyota Corolla to haul buckets full of sand and small pebbles that he's been using as a base in the side and front yard rocked area. Seems at some point a bucket (or maybe more as far as I know) tipped over and spilled said bits of pebbles and sand in the trunk. These small particles have become lodged in all the tiny spaces inside the trunk and on occasion get caught in the lock mechanism so when he tries to unlock the trunk the tiny bits of sand and pebbles prevent it from opening.

We just returned from the grocery store a bit ago and when he tried to unlock the trunk to bring in our items (half of which require refrigeration not to mention the two bags of ice) the trunk would not unlock. Apparently it's the third time this has happened. I stood around for a while as he pushed the car up and down, beat on the trunk to try and dislodge the pebbles and sand, got a crowbar out and tried to pry the lock open as he turned the key, then sighed and said, "I keep cleaning it out and they keep getting caught. I thought I had them all". I finally left hoping the sound of the front door opening and grocery bags being hauled in would follow shortly. So far...approximately 20 minutes later...I've only heard the banging on the car. I went out once to see how it was going and amazingly he was still smiling (sort of) and his only comment was, "I wish I knew how I got it unlocked before."

Honestly, I just feel like laughing. It's just so stupid it's funny. Wait...I hear I hear grocery bags? ... No..... It's just too, too funny. Poor guy. Maybe the melting ice will cause the pebbles and sand to relocate and the lock will open. I guess I'll get brave and see if I can help by offering well thought out, creative suggestions. :-) I didn't want to post photos anyway....◦

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Jerry said...

Sounds like it is time for a new car.