Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend at home

We should have been in Lincoln visiting Abby this weekend but mother nature decided it was Nebraska's turn for a snowstorm so at the last minute we decided to reschedule for next weekend. That meant all at once we had a three-day weekend and nothing planned. I suggested to Dean that if he needed something to do over the weekend I could use some shelves in my sewing room to hold fabric. It could have been that he felt pity on me after he actually looked in the room...

Or it could have been he was reciprocating because I was such a caring and considerate wife after his gallbladder surgery the end of January...

Whatever the reason, I now have wonderful shelves in my closet and they're neatly stacked with fabric.

If Dean would have followed the classic gallbladder symptoms he would have avoided four years of multiple doctor appts., two endoscopies and probably hundreds of Prilosec tablets. But true to form, Dean chose to be different and and none of his symptoms pointed to a gallbladder problem. The doctor finally sent him for an ultrasound on his gallbladder and lo and behold there was a gallstone big as life. He's now all healed up and even back running at the gym. I'm sure my made-from-scratch chicken noodle soup, replete with homemade noodles, aided in his recovery--even if it did have "a nice layer of fat on the top" as Dean pointed out to me after his first spoonful.

When we weren't building or filling new closet shelves we were up on the mountain skiing. Okay, not all the time but we did go up once. We woke up yesterday to trees decorated with beautiful frost.

The trees on the mountain were loaded with snow so whenever there was a gust of wind the snow would come falling off and it was like skiing in a snowstorm.

In between skiing, building and filling shelves and cleaning the house I baked french bread and cinnamon circles. We each sampled the cinnamon circles but in the interest of keeping our veins somewhat cleared of butter the rest of them will be going to work.



Leslie said...

I need pictures...lots of pictures!

abby rose said...

That bread looks awesome!