Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chirps, Tweets, Faces and Books

I have to admit don't get the whole facebook thing. Yes, I am "on" facebook (if you can call a name with no personal info. or photos "on") because sometime in the past I got an e-mail asking me to be somebody's friend. Barely knowing what I was doing, I signed myself up. Now have lots of friends. It could be anywhere between one and seven-hundred and ninety-seven. I honestly don't know because once I got my face up there I've never gone back.

I've heard stories on NPR about tweeting and friending ...

and been following Doonesbury's cartoons ...

but I still just don't get it. Who has time to tweet everything they're doing or read all the other tweets I assume you get if you're a really good friend. Why would anybody want to read little snippets of my daily life anyway? Because if I was tweeting today here's what you'd read:

Tweet, tweet...

woke up cranky
hate this time of year
no snow to ski
too muddy to hike
wind is howling
worried I won't like breakfast because Dean just asked me if I'd rather have warmed up left-over pancakes
Dean made a skillet breakfast with asparagus in it
I hate asparagus
Dean thinks it's funny I am picking out asparagus
wonder how long it'll take me to throw Dean's possessions out on the front lawn
thinking about what I can eat since I'm still hungry
making a sourdough carrot cake
just discovered the key ingredient in my recipe is missing
looking for new recipe on-line
cake is baking
mixing up sourdough pumpkin bread now

blah, blah, blah, blah....

Really, is this what you'd want to read? Oh, wait...........that's pretty much what I would have blogged anyway except I would have spoken in complete sentences and added photos.

So, all my news facebook "friends". Let's hear from you? Why DO you tweet, twitter and poke.◦

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