Monday, February 8, 2010

A Short Update

For any of you who wondered what the heck was going on in my last blog post, as in........why did that dingbat write words that made it sound like there would be music to listen to but all I'm seeing is a big empty space? Or, why is there a music player here, with a little play button but nothing is playing? Well..............gosh...........I don't know.  It worked for me Saturday. But now it appears to be so slow that the little players either don't show up at all or they do show up and then it takes forever for the music link to load.   Here's the deal.  I spent hours (really....hours) trying to figure out how to load those stupid little music players.  It involved alot of Google searching and nerdy techno reading and finding code and then finding out that code didn't work and searching for more code and testing it and FINALLY finding something that worked.

I was so close, so many times.   Dean would gaze longingly at the computer and ask if I was finished yet.   I would confidently respond, "just five more minutes.  I've almost got it.  Just testing it now."  Next thing you know it was an hour later, then two hours later, then three ...  Dean's standing by me again, sigh, "are you"  So I just wanted you all to know that I realize you're all busy and don't have time to wait minutes for a music player to load just so you can listen to songs that I dream about or make me want to learn to dance.  Okay, me learning to dance is a stretch but I'm trying to be positive here.  Anyway, just pretend like you saw a music player, and it actually played music.  I could should have been scrubbing a toilet or cleaning a catbox, but instead, I spent hours in a vain attempt to entertain the one or two of you out there who had already scrubbed your toilets and cleaned your cat boxes and had nothing better to do than read the ramblings of a code-impaired techno-nerd-wanna-be (and that's just sad.)◦


Leslie said...

Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

Al said...

Hours? Seriously, hours?!
Ok. I confess. I have easily spent hours before formattting a movie or series of pictures and composing a (to me) witty and fun-to-read blog post for less than a dozen *potential* readers.

In our defense, it's our lives we're putting out there. Even if it is for only a few people to ever see, most of them are pretty important to us.

Deb said...

It works for me - PLUS - I have the added joy of playing feed and water the mouse - what more could I ask???? It didn't make ME want to take a salsa class - or any dance class for that matter - and Gordon listened and then said - 'hunh - what are they saying...' - and I did have to admit I had no idea since French is my language of minimal knowledge - other than aye caramba and occasional spanish phrases like 'where is the bathroom...' that I have mostly forgotten - so - all your work was not in vain - ONE of us heard that music and thought it was pretty kewl... Hugshugs

Art Elser said...

Well, the music played fine for me. But then I'm on the other side of the Boulder, Fort Collins, Cheyenne weirdness warp, so that might explain it.

I love reading your blog, Cathy. It gives me a good laugh every time.

Cathy said...

It's a good thing I now know the music worked for some of you because it was getting harder to fight off the need I was feeling to "win the battle of the code". Sometimes it's just me against the computer and now and then I like to win.