Saturday, April 3, 2010

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

If you're a blog reader, this is the time of year alot of bloggers like to post about the wonders of spring.  Oh, how they love the first hints of spring.  They post pictures of their first sightings of robins and carry on about the beauty and awesomeness of nature.  I have those photos too.  I got this one by leaning over the counter in my tiny work cubicle, stretching my arms toward the window until I thought my shoulders would pop, and then holding my breath so I could hold the camera steady enough to snap this guy.  Yeah, it was a breathtaking experience.

In our neck of the woods the deer have gotten tired of fighting the traffic and have decided it's time to get the heck out of Dodge. I snapped these guys on their way up the mountain after we had skiied in sticky, wet snow.  It was two hours of slipping when I tried to glide, or starting to glide, hitting a sticky spot, stopping dead and almost falling on my face.  Either way my body was jerked backward or forward.  My back was aching and my brain was telling me, well, I can't say what my brain was telling me.  As it was, I wasn't feeling the joy of spring when these deer crossed in front of us.

People also like to post about the hope new life brings and the joy they experience when they observe it.  I was just hoping I wouldn't step in any of the gifts Shadow left in the yard when I wandered around to take these photos.  However, I was filled with joy by the knowledge that Shadow left those gifts for Dean.  Not me.  Nope.  Not me.

Of course the down side of spring arriving is that summer will soon follow. Not that I don’t love summer.  I do.  I love summer.  Until I get sick of mowing the lawn, or all my evenings and weekends are eaten up by unmentionable building projects.  It's just that I sleep so much better in the winter with the window open and I can see my breath in the bedroom.  Sleeping won't be as pleasant for Shadow either because that down comforter that I gently throw off multiple times a night won't be gradually sliding onto the floor where she sleeps and filling her bed.  And since it's warmer in the summer I am forced to sleep with not just one, but every window open as wide as possible.  I think those annoying, early morning chattering, cheery, chirpy birds sit just outside my bedroom windows just so they can wake me up way too early on purpose.

So, as you can see, I have the same photos everybody else has showing the hope that spring is here.  And I am sure I will not be alone when I don a pair of shorts, hoping it means old man winter is on its way out.  Even though the reflection from my legs will cause an epidemic of blindness in the general public.  But I have something that the rest of the blogland announcers of spring don't have.  I have definitive proof that spring is not just a hope but a reality.  I have this.

When two men (some might say crazy men) are grinning ear to ear, scraping snow off their drift boat while visions of fishies swim in their heads, winter is over. Spring has arrived.


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