Friday, June 4, 2010

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I’m a LOST fan. Are you a LOST fan? I’m lost without LOST. Are you lost without LOST? Abby missed the final four episodes of LOST while she was in Quito, and has been lost without those final episodes. I offered to download them from iTunes and bring them when I take her wedding dress to her in 28 days. She could do it herself but even if she started now they might still be downloading when she came to pick me up at the airport.

It seemed a simple enough process. Little did I know that for six days I would be fighting with others, lost in the land of technology. I admit I get lost easily. I get lost in the mall. Once I got lost driving to the same dentist I’d been going to for ten years. I can get lost backing out of my driveway. But I refuse to be beaten down and wander lost in the techno-world. I just refuse.

Ten days ago I purchased the last four LOST episodes from iTunes. That was the easy part. Several times a day, for six days, I watched as the download process began, only to see a message pop up after two minutes saying my internet had timed out. The download not only stopped but my internet connection was lost for about three minutes until the modem reset itself. It was very annoying. I tried so hard to fix things on my own that I screwed up my internet and had to have my modem reconfigured. Note to self: never push the reset button on your modem.

During those six days of download attempts, I fired off multiple e-mails to Qwest and iTunes trying to get them to fix my download problem. And just in case those e-mails got lost in the shuffle, I also spent hours (really, hours) on the phone with iTunes tech support and Qwest tech support. I tried everything they suggested. Nothing worked. Nobody would take responsibility. They each blamed it on the other. iTunes told me it must be a Qwest/internet problem. Qwest told me it must be an iTunes problem. I finally decided it was time to take things into my own hands. I searched the internet for solutions.

One link led to another and I finally found a Qwest forum with posts from people experiencing the exact same problem I had. They said “get a new modem from Qwest and get rid of the 2wire and your problems will be solved.” I needed to test their theory. On Saturday I carried my laptop over to Leslie & Ryan’s. They have the same Qwest internet service and the exact same 2wire modem as me. I tried downloading the LOST episode. It still didn’t work. Ryan bought the same episode and when he couldn’t download it to his computer either, I knew the forum people were correct and the modem had to be replaced. I was lost no longer. I’d found the solution.

I carried my laptop home, e-mailed the Qwest support site, told them (again) about my problem, cited the information from the forum, and politely asked for a new modem. Later that day I received an e-mail response which said, in a nutshell, “you need xxx speed to download HD and you only have xxx speed. I checked your line and you cannot reach the required xxx speed. Sorry.”

I replied, in a nutshell, “have you LOST your mind? Are you telling me the only way I can reach xxx speed so I can download HD is to cancel my service with Qwest and sign up with Bresnan?”

A very nice man from Qwest called me the next day. Three days later there was a new modem waiting outside my front door. Last night I downloaded the LOST episodes. I still can’t find my way out of a box but I am no longer lost in the jungle of technology. I battled the others and won.


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Deb said...

Good job!! Knew ya could do it!! I too get lost - going out to get the mail...sighs...