Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buns On Bikes

When I came home from Ecuador I wanted to make the same pan de yuca that Jorge's mom had made for us one night, but none of our grocery stores carried the flour I needed to make them.  I could have ordered it on-line but the shipping was three times the cost of the flour.  They were good and I wanted to make them, but not quite that badly.   Yesterday I found and bought a pound of flour for under $3.00 and all it took was a couple of tanks of gas and about six hours of driving back and forth to Ft. Collins.  

Alright, that's not the real reason we went to Ft. Collins.  I thought Dean needed a new shirt and tie to wear to Abby's upcoming nuptials and foolishly thought a bigger city would have better shopping.  It turns out Ft. Collins doesn't really have any better shopping than we do here at home.  I had been feeling pretty discouraged until I found the elusive flour needed for the pan de yuca.  Burning feet near the blister stage only added to my whining disappointment.  I had also foolishly worn my "go to town" shoes.  I thought I'd only be walking in a mall -- not the blocks and blocks and blocks we walked, in the blazing sun, following ballerinas,



and thousands of bicycles.

We had stumbled upon the Tour de Fat.  Dean is now threatening to turn Abby's snake bike (generously donated to us when she moved to Ecuador) into an "art bike" for next year's event. 

Since it's a girls bike, he thinks I am the one who must ride it.  Really, after looking at all these other photos, do you think that's a detail people would notice?  Or care about?

For now his threats are merely words with no substance.  But what I really wanted to tell you, before I was distracted, has substance.  Yummy substance.  What I want to tell you is that today I used the flour that made the whole trip worthwhile and I made the pan de yuca using this recipe.   I used 2 cups of mozzarella cheese and only 1 teaspoon of cream.  I baked them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper on the top shelf of my oven for 20 minutes.  They weren't quite as good as Jorge's mom's, and definitely not as pretty, but they were pretty good for a first try and so easy I plan to make them again and again and again and try a different cheese each time. 

Don't you think they'll be the perfect snack for Dean when he's riding that bike next year dressed up like a cassava root?  They'll fit very nicely in the basket.



Art Elser said...

Please let me know when Dean is going to ride that bike because I'd love to drive up to Ft Collins to watch that and take some pics. You'll probably have to fatten him up somewhat so he can blend in with the marchers/riders from this year.

The pan de yuca looks good. I'm sure it tastes yummy too. Don't forget, however, that in Casper you're not going to have the humidity they have in Ecuador--nor the bugs.

Deb said...

ACtually - I didn't see the dreaded word 'yeast' in this recipe so I think I may have to try it. The tapioca flour is available in 3 maybe 4 health food stores here in Lincoln. One question - do you use whole eggs or just the yolks? Looks great!! And filled with cheese - what is better I ask you - everything is better with cheese!!

Cathy said...

Ah...the eggs. I forgot there was that small discrepancy--the ingredients listed eggs but the directions said yolks. I used two whole eggs.

They were easy. You can do it, Deb!

Leslie said...

Dad needs to fix up that bike! Then we can all go down and take pictures of him!
I love new bread recipes, I'll have to try it.

Al said...

I think Dean should go next year dressed up as a lesbian Sage Grouse clubbing a gay baby seal. Then nobody would notice the social disaster of him riding a girl's bike.