Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shredding Isn't Just For Boarders

You know how there are some things that are routine and mundane and constant but it’s that constancy that gives reassurance that life is moving on and things are as they should be? For example, when we cross country ski my nose always runs. It’s a faucet. But I’m always prepared with pockets filled with tissue. Dean’s nose runs when we ski too. But he’s never prepared. And when we’re in the parking lot, getting ready to leave, I wait for the question. And it always comes. “Do you have a Kleenex?” And I always have plenty which I share generously with him. (The mother in me feels I should make him sniff and use his arm as a tissue all the way home so he’ll learn to bring his own tissues but my gag reflex just hasn’t allowed that yet.)  It’s just those kinds of fulfilled expectations that are comforting.

As I was gathering up stinky socks, sweaty workout clothes, and cat fur covered clothing this morning and preparing for another mundane but reassuring routine (laundry) I heard a sound that filled me with peace and calmness. It was the quintessential sound of spring. It was coming from outside and I knew its origin immediately. I stood with an armload of laundry and listened to the song that told me life is moving on as it should, filled with hope and expectation. The song that told me that even if spring hasn’t arrived completely it is on its way.

It was the sweet sounds of a man and his machine and their own routine and mundane, but constant rite of spring.

Of course for some creatures every day is a reassurance that life is proceeding as it should long as there is a pillow and a patch of sun.



Abby said...

Nice kitties!

Lesley Collins said...

Poor Shadow. They took over his bed.

LisaWyo said...

Precious babies! It looks as if they've resolved their initial differences. And it looks like Maisie doesn't miss us at all....which I'm glad about, even though WE still miss HER!