Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tom ~~ Where Is Jerry?

Does it look like Spring out there, Maisie?

I don’t know, Sophie.  I’m looking but I don’t see it.

I heard a rumor we were going to have Spring but I’m beginning to get discouraged.  I miss the days when the sun warmed my basket.

I'm discouraged too.  I want to SEE birds, not read about them.

I feel your pain, Sophie.  I’ve been forced to make friends with the canine so I can snuggle up to her for warmth when my human isn't home.

Maisie, did the canine mentioned anything to you about Spring coming?

No, Sophie.  She’s as confused about the weather as everybody else.  She did tell me she’d talked to a turkey down the street the other day while she was out walking her human.  The turkey was so cold he thought Thanksgiving was almost here.


Really, Maisie? A turkey?

Really.  I just hope he finds spring while he's searching for a hiding place.


Abby said...

Shadow and Maisie are so cute together! I hope the sun comes out soon for you!

Art Elser said...

I'm sure such creative whining will grab the attention of the Spring God and they'll wake up. Love the pics of all the animals. I suspect someone is putting words in their mouths.

Hope you get warmer and sunnier weather soon. We're not too far behind you in cloudy weather, but we are somewhat warmer. Supposed to be 70 today.

LisaWyo said...

I don't think my first comment took the screen went away, so I'll try again.
Poor lil Sophie and Maisie...I feel their pain, I want spring too! It doesn't look like we're going to get it again today, though. =(