Saturday, September 10, 2011

There Are Many Ways To Keep Your Swords Safe

The girls seemed tired of their toys so we went in search of something cheap but fun to play with.  I think we hit the jackpot.  $3.38 and we didn't even have to fly to Ecuador to get them. 



Art Elser said...

Ah, yes. Is that one on the left a BLM "gotta-have-my-coffee-before-I- can-face-Al mug? Either that or a BLM end-of-a-lousy-day beer stein.

Are the swords save from the cat?

BTW, ask Al to pronounce "swards." See if he still pronounces the "w."

Deb Evert said...

Beautiful - bet the girls do love em!! Those are my 'birthday flowers'. Hugshugs- miss you sweetie. Deb

Abby said...

I live in Ecuador and WE don't have those! I'm jealous. Hope the kitty doesn't knock them to the floor!