Tuesday, October 8, 2013

♫ To Morrow ♪

Yesterday I made a valiant attempt to write a blog post.  As a matter of fact, yesterday morning as I walked into the kitchen I said to Dean, “Today I am going to blog.  I’m going to write a blog post.  Today.  I’m doing it.  No matter what.” 

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here in blogland and yesterday I fully intended to sit my butt down at the computer and write.  I’m so sorry.  I know all of you have been crazy with worry wondering what could possibly have kept me from writing succinctly about vital events.  Telling you about what's been keeping me away from here was absolutely on my list of things to do.  And since the government has so thoughtfully given me all this time off, I finally had time to do just that.  But first I had to make coffee.  And then I had to eat breakfast because stringing together a coherent sentence takes energy. 

I don’t know how it is for you all, but it’s nearly impossible for me to write when the house is dirty.  It’s just too distracting.  Who can blog with dog fur covering the keyboard?  Unfortunately, Angus

No wonder Dean never hears me.  Angus took his ear!
hasn’t been taking me seriously when I hold his furry head in my hands, stare into his eyes and state emphatically, It … is … winter … now. Stop … shedding!  So of course I had to clean the floors.  And you know how fur flies everywhere when you try to corral it into one gigantic dust bunny before vacuuming it up, right?  So you understand why I also had to dust the furniture before I could sit down at a computer and write.  But finally, at long last, I was ready to blog.  As I walked toward the computer I was mentally running through all the things I was going to write about but along the way my eye caught the list of errands that had been on the wipe-off board for days.    

I realized I had only a small window of time between the nearly melted 18 inches of tree destroying snow

One of ten broken branch dropoff areas
and when the predicted three days of rain would begin so I felt compelled to get that list winnowed down. 

Driving around town and crawling into and out of a car expended a lot of energy and trying to write when my belly is gurgling and grumbling is even more distracting than the constant sneezing from dog fur flying into my nose when I type.  Consequently, I was forced to take the time to eat something in order to replenish my creative gray matter.  Even though by the time I licked the last bit of butter and sugar from my fingers it was mid-afternoon, I still had plenty of time and I was absolutely determined to write a blog post.  The house was clean, the errands were done, my belly was full – there was nothing else that could possibly keep me from my mission.  All I needed was a cup of tea.  But as I warmed the water and began contemplating what to write, I looked over and saw Dean had commandeered the computer.  Of course, being the kind and considerate wife that I am, I could not ask him to leave and let me sit at the computer.  And anyway.  I knew he wouldn't be long.  So I drank my tea and waited patiently.  For the whole rest of the afternoon.  I couldn’t even grab it while he was cooking dinner because he had his recipe pulled up on it.   

As you can see, I tried to blog.  I really did.  It's not my fault I was thwarted.


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Abby said...

Remember back when you said "I don't think Angus will ever shed, I think he'll be a shedless dog"?...