Sunday, November 3, 2013

R2-D2 Eats Dirt

Yesterday Dean asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Normally I don’t have a list of things I want for my birthday or Christmas.  It's hard for me to come up with gift ideas just for me.  I'm all about sharing.  How about a window?  Let's buy each other a new replacement window and that way we'll have two new ones.  But this time I surprised him. I had a list.

I want one of those round things that clean your floors. 

Puzzled look.

You know, the round thing.  I don’t know what it’s called.  The robot something and you just turn it on and it goes one way and then it bumps into something and it goes the other way and then your floors are clean. You just leave it and come home and your floors are clean. 

Raised eyebrows.  The carpet is clean?

No.  The hardwood floors because we have wood floors in Casper and in Sheridan and Angus is a fur factory.  But I don’t know if they’re good.  I haven’t researched them yet and now NPR says there’s some kind of vine thing going on with Amazon’s reviews so even if the reviews say they’re great I’m not sure I’ll be able to believe them but still, that’s what I think I want; that round thing that bumps into walls and cleans your floors.  Uh ....well .....actually .... now that I'm really thinking and talking about it .... hauling the vacuum back and forth between Sheridan and Casper is fine.  We should just do that.  I don’t really need a vacuum and a round bump-into-walls-thing.


Or, I did think maybe I wanted a leather jacket because they’re really warm and I’ve been wearing the old leather jacket Abby got at the thrift store when she was in college for uh, well, a long time and I love it, but I thought it might be nice to have one that is new.  But then I thought about it and the hole in the sleeve is really small and doesn’t even show at all if I hold my arm just right and as long as the holes in the lining aren’t in the pockets so I don’t lose my gloves it seems silly to buy a new one.  And anyway, I have that nice red coat you got me a few years ago.  Just because I have to unzip it if I want to sit down without it bunching up around my middle and pushing the top of the zipper into my neck doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear it.  It’s a very nice coat.


Or snow shoes.  I thought maybe we could get each other snow shoes for Christmas.  But I don’t want them if you don’t want them because I don’t want to go snow shoeing all by myself.  (Kind of like you must not want to skate/ski  by yourself since those new skating skis I bought you for Christmas a few years ago, when you really, really wanted them, are snow virgins.)   So maybe snow shoes aren’t a good idea after all.


Later on that day as I was getting ready to mow the leaves up from the yard I had another idea.  A sewing light would be a great thing to get me.  I’m really going to need a sewing light because I had to give Abby’s back to her and I really need a lot of light to sew by now and we don’t have great lamps or ceiling lights here or in Sheridan.  So a sewing light would be awesome.  But I'd have to haul it back and forth with the vacuum.  There should be room for both of them but that’d be kind of a pain.  And then I remembered I have my head lamp.  Dean got me a head lamp three years ago for Christmas and I’ve never taken it out of the packaging.  I could just put that on my head and when I look down, the light will fall right where I need it to on the fabric.  And those lights are really bright.  Plus it would be super easy to take back and forth between here and Sheridan.  Cool.  A head lamp. That will work.  So I don’t need a sewing light after all. 

 As I walked out the garage door toward the lawn mower I was mulling over the robot thing and the snow shoes and the jacket and my solution to a sewing light and trying to come up with more Christmas gift ideas.

Thanks, Angus.  I needed a good idea.




Leslie said...

Angus must have thought your sweat tasted good.... I have no Christmas or birthday ideas for me, maybe I will steal yours.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

I guess you know what to get Angus too?

Abby said...

You should totally get "the round thing that bumps into walls"

Art Elser said...

I love a woman who knows what she wants and lets others know. It makes gift shopping so much easier. Do you know any women like that, Cathy? ;-)))

I think it's either a genetic thing with females, except your kids when they're growing up, or something to do with the hormones. Either way, I love a woman who knows what she wants. ;-)