Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guest Post From Dean

We had a good run my old friend.  You were white and painted with little orange pumpkins when I first found you in a tray of miscellaneous pens and pencils Cathy keeps in her junk drawer.  I am sure you came to us via one of the girls' trick or treat bags.  Obviously you were unwanted.  You had never even been sharpened.  I decided on the spot you would become my Sunday crossword pencil.  I sharpened you up and started that Sunday's crossword puzzle sometime in the fuzzy distant past (more than 10 years ago but less than 20).

You were used almost exclusively on the Sunday crosswords and usually the AARP crosswords once we started our subscription.

When you grew too short to handle easily I added one of my art pencil lengtheners and we carried on.  I don't know how many times I lost you.  I mostly found you tossed in Cathy's junk drawer when I had absent mindedly laid you down somewhere other than your special place.  I found you once in the Subaru's map pocket after being lost for weeks.

We have gone quite the distance my old friend.  I decided that today would be your final time in the sharpener.  Once you wear down doing today's puzzles you will be retired to an honored spot in my art room where you will live our your days ... unless I think of a juicy art project to use you in.



Leslie said...

Well done Dad, well done!I feel that way about the tiny scraps of my favorite fabric hidden away in my sewing room.

Abby said...

Orange pumpkins, that sounds familiar! Was that mine.....?

It's hard to say good-bye to an old friend.