Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm Not Glinda

Recognize this? 

It’s sunshine.  Streaming in and filling our house with warmth.  Sunshine – reflecting off that ubiquitous dog fur dust and dander blend which is flung from those two little ponies after turning circles five times one way, two the other and pawing at the rug that never moves no matter how often they try before they drop to the floor.  Sunshine – bouncing off the fur floating around our ankles as we walk from room to room.  There’s so much fur in the air, on the floors, in my coffee mug, on my tablet screen, stuck to the bottom of my socks, on the counters, in the refrigerator and cooked into our food that by rights those dogs should be bald.  Or at the very least, Dean and I should have hacked up at least one fur ball in the past three years. 

It’s been hard to see the fur in the air lately though because the sun hasn’t been shining for days and days and days and days……..and days and days and days.  It’s been endless clouds and dreariness and cold and mist and rain and more clouds and grey and bleakness and as if that wasn't enough, even more wet, cold, cloudy, gloomy days.  I don’t think I’d even care if I could see all the fur I’m eating and drinking if only the sun would come out. 

All the cold, gloomy weather of late has been making me a little cranky.  Dean … he might tell you I’ve been a lot cranky, but it’s all your perspective.  Right?  A REALLY cranky me would … uh … I can’t really say because … um … well … hmmmm ... maybe I have been just a little crankier than I thought.



Art Elser said...

I cannot imagine you cranky, Cathy. Dean yes. With him it comes from licking rocks. And now maybe eating, drinking, and snorting dog hair. I won't tell Al and Les you admit to being cranky. Just a little.

Was in Riverton last week for a poetry workshop and tried to drive home by way of Rawlins rather than back through Caper. [BTW do you know Custer's last words? "At least we don't have to go back through Casper.] We drove through snow and rain all the way from Riverton to Sinclair, I-80 was closed for snow and crashes, and then had to turn around and go back through the traffic in Muddy Gap Junction to GO BACK THROUGH CASPER. A short Wyoming detour.

I could have been cranky, but I asked myself, "What would Cathy do?" I answered, "She'd bake cookies or brownies or lemon somethingorother," But my car didn't have an oven so I made the detour and smiled.

I still won't tell Les and Al you were cranky.

Abby said...

Sun makes everything better. Here's to less crankiness!