Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Did That Happen?

The weirdest thing happened to me last Saturday morning. We reached the end of the poses in my yoga class and it was time for the Savasanah which is yoga speak for "lay down and make your mental list of what you need to do today." I laid back on the mat with my eyes closed and a bit later rolled to my side when the instructor told us all we might enjoy that. A bit after that I hear "Namaste" which is yoga speak for "No more stay. Go home". I opened my eyes, looked around and was shocked to see I was the only one still lying curled up on my side. Everybdy else was sitting up in their little yoga poses. Somehow I'd missed the suggestion that we might all like to sit up now. How could that have happened? Me ... relax so much I don't hear people uncurling and sitting up on their mat? Could it be possible? Did I actually enter the yoga zone?

Sunday I went snowshoeing with friends on the mountain near their cabin. Since Dean was taking a metal-working class at the college all weekend it was just Shadow and I. Dean happened to be home for a lunch break when we were getting ready to go. I called Shadow to me as I walked to the front door and she started to follow me and then went back and sat by Dean. I called again from the front door but no dog. Dean finally managed to separate her from his hip and convince her that it was safe to go with "that woman" so off we went. I think she had a pretty good day once she realized I wasn't evil and it was possible to have fun without Dean even if she did have to put up with a hyperactive white dog dressed in silly black boots and a dorky red sweater. The skies were bright blue, the air was warm, the sun was shining and there wasn't a breath of wind.

I was told the conditions were perfect for a first-timer. The snow was crusty so we didn't sink through very much which made the going much less work. I somehow managed to "fall" four times anyway although they were much softer falls than during skiing. It's more like a slow lean that just keeps going until your body is completely "leaning" on the ground. Twice I stepped on one of my own snowshoes with the other foot which seemed rather stupid. But it was fun, great exercise, stimulating conversation and the glass of wine in the cabin afterwards was pretty good too.


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Abby said...

Shadow just isn't used to you being nice to her. A few more acts of kindness and you may win her over yet.