Saturday, April 26, 2008

That's what I get for bragging

There's been a bug going around the office in the past month or two. Dean got a version of it earlier and like a fool I bragged that I never get sick (okay except for that bronchitis in November) and I was not going to get it. The mistake I made as I said that was forgetting to knock on wood. If I would have remembered that I would have been fine. But as it turned out, the bug bit me in the butt in no uncertain terms.

Here's how I know I was sick:

There is a big indentation in the shape of my body on the couch
I know there is nothing on daytime TV worth staying home to watch
My blood is now brown and smells like cinnamon or lemon tea
I have developed an aversion to chicken soup
I didn't have a cup of coffee or glass of wine for 14 days
I know how to cut pills in half so they are small enough for me to swallow
I know how to use a nose spray
The only exercise I've gotten in two weeks is the arm bend from kleenex box to nose
Dean kept a 3-foot distance from me at all times and slept in the basement guest room for 8 nights and he hates basements
Dean wanted to burn my sweatpants in a ceremonial fire
I didn't look at the pictures I'd taken of Leslie, Ryan and the grandkids when they were home (while I was getting and being sick) until 8 days after they'd gone home

Here's how I know I'm finally getting better:
After my first day back at work when Dean told me I "looked better" my response was, "even dead people look good with clean hair and makeup"
I had my first cup of coffee in two weeks
I had my first glass of wine in two weeks
I am sitting upright and not on the couch
I'm not wearing I smell smoke?
I am blogging
I just realized most of the pictures I took while the kids were home are blurry

I hope none of you has gotten or will get the "bug". If you do, my sympathies are with you.


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"Holly Garden" said...

I'm glad to know you're finally feeling better! The girls miss you!