Friday, June 6, 2008

Is it really spring?

Time flies when you're havin' fun, or when you're busy or when you're old. Time just flies and it definitely flew for me between my last post and this one. I'm just hopin' that the snow we were still getting in May is really over. I thought my days of turning on the furnace were over for the season....until yesterday.

Spring has been slow in coming this year but I'm holding out hope it'll actually arrive. At least the moisture we've gotten recently has been rain and not the white stuff. I'm looking out at a rainbow now as I type and the sun is peeking out. The countryside is bright green, flowers are beginning to bloom, garden is in and I saw two baby doves under the evergreen tree this morning. Maybe spring has arrived.

Here's a short recap of events since my last post:

1. Ryan was offered and accepted a teaching position in Casper so they are moving from Colorado back to Casper. They have found a house and plan to be moved in July 1. Soon we'll have all the grandbaby time ever wanted.

2. I finally recovered from my sinus infection just in time to get caught up in a big project at work which allowed me the pleasure of working 10-11 hour days for close to 3 weeks.

3. Once again I did not see the inside of the gym for close to a month. I finally managed to find my way back this week.

4. Our desktop computer bit the bullet and we crossed over to a laptop. Other than the fact that I keep hitting the "n" instead of the spacebar I absolutely love it. I even baked cupcakes today with my recipe pulled up on the laptop pointing toward the counter where I was working. How cool is that?

5. Abby has begun her summer field season in Scottsbluff. This year she is living in a dorm in town with wireless, cable, and real people nearby vs. last year when she lived in an old empty office building a few miles from town all alone surrounded by cornfields. I think she's enjoying this year's accommodations a bit more. We will see her most weekends this year since she will only be 3 hours away vs. 9 when she's in Lincoln. Maybe it's really the washer/dryer and cooler of food she takes home with her she really comes to see but we take what we can get.

6. The kitchen looks the same--no painting or staining yet and no modifications to the tile. We're living with it. The project of the moment is moving some sprinkler heads and filling in the dirt-work side of the house with rocks. I expect that project to be long-term. Dean brings home rocks bucketful by bucketful from big holes in the ground where house foundations are being built. Then he washes them and sorts them by size. I told him he was cheap and we should just buy the rocks and be done with it but he says picking up rocks is therapeutic. Who am I to intrude on therapy?



"Holly Garden" said...

Yeah for new blog posts. You're making me excited to be in Casper and to help with the garden! I could use some baby weight loss therapy!

doreen said...

What will your garden grow?

Cathy said...

Hopefully more beans, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers, and squash than weeds.