Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rocks, Rolies and Rollin'

Our own home improvement projects are continuing broken up by a quick trip back to Lincoln for a wedding and a week in Delta.

The rock work is oh so close to being completed prolonged only by Dean's insistence on meticulously placing each rock in its appointed place one at at time. Sometimes I think he's really an engineer disguised as a geologist. And by the way...this photo was taken in June. Thankfully it has finally warmed up.

Leslie and Ryan have moved back to Casper. We spent a week helping them pack up the final boxes, finishing up small miscellaneous projects, cleaning the house and loading the truck. Once the last toy was packed Emerson and Myra discovered they could have as much fun collecting roly poly bugs and worms as they could playing with leggos and dolls. And having their Papa teach them the fine art of spitting on rocks to view their beauty was pretty cool too.

Of course digging for bugs and worms necessitates baths. One night as I was on duty while they played in the tub I figured I may as well clean the bathroom while I was in there. Leslie came in to see how we were all getting along and discovered somebody had somehow dumped a large amount of water on the floor. The only toy left was one plastic glass and the girls had stricken looks on their faces. When Leslie left to get something to wipe up the water I looked over and saw two small heads forehead to forehead whispering, "you did it, no you did it, you did it, no you did it..."

The truck was loaded with the help of a couple of their friends and we even had time to relax in the front yard. Of course the fact that that all the furniture was packed on Saturday and grass was softer than hard wood floors may have had something to do with it. Pierce spent his time eating plums or napping under the tree.

We rolled into Casper after an uneventful trip other than Dean and Ryan discovering the trailer towing their small pickup had a flat before they'd even made it out of Delta. We all rolled in to Casper safe and sound and now "all" that's left is the unpacking.◦

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"Holly Garden" said...

Thank goodness everything is moved, not unpacked but moved! Cute pictures of the kids!