Monday, October 13, 2008

Diggin' for mittens

Last Friday we hiked the trail on the mountain in shorts and long-sleeved shirts. One week later we hiked through snow to get to the car in the driveway. The good thing is cross country skiing may be possible in the not-too-distant future. The bad thing is I really wanted to hike more. The worst thing is cloudy skies, freezing temperatures and snow-covered hiking trails made it pretty much impossible for me to talk myself out of painting the trim on the new guest room window with the window well big enough to live in.

I hate painting and if the weekend weather would have been nice I'm sure I would have found another reason to postpone it. But since it wasn't, I painted. I am proud to announce that I did not spill paint or get paint on the carpet or the bottom of my feet. I did however, lose control of the brush just as I was mentally congratulating myself on avoiding those things. Fortunately it went flying into the glass on the window and dropped onto the window sill. The big splotch it left on the glass was easy to wipe off and I was painting the sill anyway so no damage was done.

My initial plan was to paint not only the window frame but also the walls in the kitchen. Our excuse for not painting all these long months has been that we didn't want to paint until it was nice outside so we could have the windows open. I realized if we didn't do something quick, that same excuse was going to add another year to the project. Wait a minute, I just realized I keep saying "we" but it's "me" that does the painting.... Hmmmm......anyway....I spent last weekend at the paint store collecting paint chips and taping them around the kitchen. That meant I had to really look at the tile again, not just glance quickly and pretend I didn't really see it. The more I looked, the worse I felt about it. The worse I felt about it the more I didn't want to paint the walls that touched it. Finally I thought, "what the hell, I'll see if there's a snowball's chance in hell somebody can fix it." Guess what? They can! And it won't even cost half what I estimated or was willing to pay. Two weeks from today we will have glass tiles that will look the way they were supposed to. And, even better Tilechick/Groutbabe---the tile guy said we did a really nice job with our spacing, grouting and overall tiling so you can be proud of your tiling skills. When you decide you've had enough of the political life I think you have a new career as a tile project manager. Wonder how long I'll be able to put off painting.......another year???

As an aside, Shadow had some "lumps" removed today. It's a good thing she doesn't know what she looks like.



Leslie said...

Last year I'd be laughing at you telling you how nice it was in I'm wading through my own snow!

Dean said...

And here you have been saying you would spend your extra money to fix the tile so I wouldn't be whinning about it, when really it is buggin you. Hah!

Abby said...
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Abby said...

Shadow looks like she's infested!

I'm not laughing, but while you were wading in 6 inches of snow, I was outside in jeans and a tanktop.

Sue said...

Hi Cathy! I finally joined the age of blogging. I have been reading yours since the wedding, but didn't think to comment. Maybe I wasn't able to since I didn't have a blog yet, or I just didn't pay attention that you could. I loved your story about the feathers.

My blogs are garden and faith blogs. I have "friends" I've met online that I correspond with on one, and the other, is more for me. I don't think anyone has read it so far.

Well, it is supposed to get down to 27 Sunday night. I am not ready, but I guess it is time. At least we don't have snow yet, even though it looks quite pretty in your pics.

Take care,

Sue said...

I forgot to mention we have some fixes we need to make here, too. Larry bought a new handle to put on the door from the kitchen to the basement, but dropped a screw and neither of us could find it anywhere, so he was not able to put the handle on.

I just told him tonight, that we need to spend the money and fix the other things that need fixing around here. One of them, is that we get water in the basement when it rains. The kitchen will still have to wait for us to save enough money for, though.