Sunday, October 5, 2008

Feather Explosion

Yesterday I decided to wash and dry my down pillow so it would be free of all those disgusting drool spots. Yes, I admit it. My pillow had drool spots and don't any of you tell me yours doesn't now or hasn't in the past (even with a cover) because I wouldn't believe you. So, I washed the pillow, put it in the dryer with a tennis ball and it came out nice and clean and fluffy.

Good wife that I am, this morning I thought, "my laundry's pretty light this weekend, I'll wash Dean's down pillow so his is nice and clean and fluffy too." I put the pillow in the wash, came back later to throw it in the dryer and instead of a squashed lump of wet down nicely contained in pillow ticking, I found lots of squashed and wet down outside of that pillow ticking. I used to think wiping out the dog fur after washing Shadow's pillows was bad but I'm here to tell you removing wet, stinky down from your washing machine is worse. I got as much out as I could and now I'm running a rinse through. Hopefully it won't take too many until it's safe to wash clothes. I just hope Dean doesn't steal my nice clean, fluffy down pillow until I get around to getting him another. So much for good deeds.



Jerry said...

Wouldn't it simpler just to buy a new washing machine.

Leslie said...

wow! That's impressive.

Abby said...

That's disgusting.

Dean said...

Have to find out what is going on around the house by reading your blog I guess.

Justin said...

Wow...that is disgusting.