Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Living In Disneyland

It occurred to me today that marriage is like living in Disneyland. There's the excitement and anticipation of a life with your Prince Charming (waiting in line for tickets), the proposal (finally arriving at the ticket window), the engagement ring (fast pass), and the wedding (entering the hallowed gates). Marriage is everything you had hoped for (you never have to wait for a ride). As time goes on, life with your Prince Charming is good and you support each other through the ups and downs of a life together (puking after the Mad Teacups ride). Many years pass, you raise children, (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride) and as you each evolve and mature, over time you (Cruella de Vil) and your Prince Charming (Goofy) develop your own unique married-person language that goes something like this:

I'm leaving for work (arms outstretched for a hug), I What do you mean you're hope you leaving? You enjoy your field have to drop me off trip. You at the didn't hotel! tell me I had Yes, I to take did. you. You I can't take were worried about you. how you'd get your car in. I have to drop my car How else off at Honda. I told will I get you last week. there? No, I only I can't leave wondered my car at the who hotel for could pick three me up days. We since you talked about this. would be You gone. knew that you had to I take me! didn't know. Yes, I you did did not. Fine. Okay. Let's go. (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad).

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abby rose said...

Some days are like that...