Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Man Obsessed

I intended to write a post tonight about my time yesterday with Pierce.  I turned on the computer, made a nice cup of tea, grabbed the camera so I could download my photos and then I saw this.  Yes, he is sucking up the leaves from the driveway.  I believe no other commentary is necessary other than--------

he missed one.



Leslie said...

Please come suck up my leaves!

abby rose said...

I'm guessing by the time he comes home tonight, the neighbors leaves will have come to join the lonely one.

Al said...

Does he count them off in groups of four?

The man needs help. That, or another BFD.

Art Elser said...

I'm sure Dean has been defamed by this picture. Surely he had the vacuum hooked up so it was blowing the leaves not picking them up. I don't think my obsessed wife would do something like that.

Or it's a Photoshop job that Al and Cathy did just to pick on Dean. :-)