Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vroom! Vroom!

Back before I discovered my husband has obsessive/compulsive leaf sucker disease I intended to write about cars, guns, cats and pirates.   Since that time, we were ... cursed (no more leaf sucking) ... blessed (no more leaf sucking) with weather that looked like this.

Jeez....it's only October!

The dropping temperatures and white swirly stuff flipped a switch in my little brain and activated the finish Myra's quilt ...  finish it NOW lobe of my brain.  I had no choice but to listen to that voice in my head and get down to business.  Are you finished? you say.  Where are the photos? you say.  No. I say and I don't want to show you yet, I say.  I'm close, but there will be no photos until the top is finished and ready for quilting.  Soon, though.  Soon.  I hope.  In the meantime I intend to talk about cars, guns, cats and pirates.

A few days ago Pierce and I spent some time together while Leslie took a feverish, fluish Myra to the doctor.  There was only a brief moment of panic in his eyes as he saw the door close behind his mother, which I quickly squashed by grabbing a little toy car, pushing it along the floor and saying, "vroom, vroom" with a look of excitement in my eyes. 

He never stops moving

Sadly, that's the extent of my knowledge of how to play with boys.  Okay, not boys per se but little boys.....uh, small boys .....  um...........grandsons.    Anyway........I am the mother of two girls.  I have never developed the highly specialized skill of making noises.  Okay, that's not exactly true.  I know how to whine, cajole, and make mad mother noises, but I am a dismal failure at the noises cars make when they're being

Pierce knows how to make a gun noise....
pushed on the bedroom floor, or what a plastic pirate guy says or what that dragon you're swooping down to attack plastic pirate guy sounds like.  I'm not very good at sword play either.  I tend to be more worried about collateral damage.  I am sorta good at the gun cocking sound and pretty darn good at the gun shooting sound.  BANG! I say with a really loud voice.  But that's about it. 

So, when Pierce and I spent that time alone a few days ago there was alot of BANG! BANG!  VROOM!  VROOM!  in between lessons from Pierce on how to turn on the siren for the car and how to attack a cat. 

Cat wrangling is also a very important skill to develop.

He didn't seem to care that I only said BANG! when I shot the car or the cat with his gun (I did know how to cock it---so there!), or that I couldn't even come close to remembering what a pirate says.  I'm pretty sure it's not just where's my parrot? And when a dragon came swooping down to attack the pirate ship, he didn't even seem surprised when my dragon sound was"eeeeeeeeeee, roar, eeeee,  roar".  He just grabbed his sword and protected his little plastic pirate guy.


Leslie said...

Pierce used his finger as a gun at library time yesterday. If you don't have a toy your hands work just as well.

Art Elser said...

Cathie, you need to get Al to teach you some of those little boy sounds. I'd do it, but we're snow bound. He used to drive his sister nuts with his sounds. Her's always came out like she was spitting and drooling at the same time.