Monday, January 18, 2010

Distraction is the name of the game

You know how in your head you know something is going to happen but in your heart you don't really believe it will?  Saturday was kind of like that.  Even as we helped Abby lug into the airport her two suitcases weighing a total of 3,219 pounds, a carry-on weighing 562 pounds, and a laptop bag weighing a mere 95 pounds (are you okay, Jorge?  no suitcase hefting injuries?) I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that she was really and truly going to be leaving and living in Ecuador.  I'm kinda thinkin' Dean had the same feeling because Friday night after dinner on our way to the airport hotel, when he and Abby couldn't agree on how many miles it was to the tollway exit, he challenged her to a bet with the stakes being you lose, you don't go.  Dr. Stilwell enlisted scientific reasoning and determined not to take him up on it.  She didn't have to stay behind, but she did have to admit to her father that she would have lost.

The pain of saying goodbye was as hard as I imagined it to be.  Walking into an empty house and bedroom was as hard as I thought it would be.  The tears I knew would flow, did flow but my face wasn't covered in snot not at the airport anyway so that was good.   We stretched out the misery of the moment as long as possible.  We tortured ourselves with watching Abby through the whole security process.  Yup, we ran up the escalator so we could get shots of her from above as she began snaking her way through security.

See her with the red bag?
Then we ran down the escalator so we could take photos of her partway through the security line. 

And as she worked her way closer to the final end of the line, we worked ourselves along the wall separating her from us, taking more pictures until that glass wall became a solid wall and ended our photo session.

There she is.......see her.........see the the right........?  we're over there........watching.....taking this picture.
We are all home now and adjusting in our own way and at our own pace.  Dean chose to distract himself by using some of the 815 hangers Abby left behind to reorganize his shirts.  They are now color-coded.  Green hangers for office shirts, white hangers for dress shirts, blue hangers for work-around-the-house shirts.  I plan to distract myself by looking into therapy options for him when he discovers I've placed his freshly ironed shirts on the wrong color of hanger.

One of us woke up this morning to the sounds of so many birds singing she thought she was in a forest and then walked outside her house and picked a starfruit for breakfast.   It wasn't me.



Leslie said...

Love ya mom. Looking forward to hearing from Abby when her internet gets working.

Art Elser said...

And how is Leslie taking all this? Is she sad that her sister has gone into the jungle or happy that's she has Mom and Dad to herself again? Probably some of both.

From what you've written about Dean, he sounds like he's cut from the same piece of cloth as my Kathy and to a certain extent, Al. I'm lucky just to get my shirts on a hanger.

abby rose said...

I kind of AM in a forest. The starfruit was delicious, more to come on breakfast fruits from the backyard when I finally get something posted. Soon, I promise!

P.S. You did wonderful in the airport, while I had tears streaming down my face all through security. Thanks for not capturing those photos :-)