Friday, January 21, 2011

You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went


Lately I’ve been wondering why I do some of the things I do and worrying, just a teensy bit, that maybe some of those things might be seen as a bit odd. I’m not super worried because I know nothing I do is as eccentric as some of the things Dean makes but still, I am, on occasion, a bit concerned about myself.

For example, last night during my hot yoga class I was in the down dog position. You know, it’s the one where your butt is trying to reach the ceiling, your head is trying to reach the ground and your arms and legs are quivering while you try to hold that post-Christmas-goodie butt up. While I was in this unnatural position a drip of sweat ran across my face, down the side of my nose and into my eye. I thought to myself, “what am I doing here? Why am I doing (drip) this to myself?” It made me wonder why this year I have chosen to dribble sweat for 75 minutes in a yoga class when last year I would flap my clothes and whine profusely during a 75 second hot flash?

This morning as I was making the bed I wondered why I feel unsettled if the opening of the pillowcases do not face the outer edge of the bed. Not one facing in and one facing out, or both facing in. No. Both pillowcase openings must face out.  Is that reason for concern? Every now and then when I’m making the bed I discover that during the night Dean has secretly flipped his pillow and I am somewhat unnerved knowing I slept part of the night with an open pillowcase facing me.  How could he do that? What if I wake up in the night and see an open pillowcase staring me in the face?  I might not be able to get back to sleep. I can’t even get him to turn over and stop snoring; how will I get that pillow flipped during the night?

I had no pillowcase issues in the Amazon because we slept in twin beds and no matter which way I placed my pillow, the opening of the pillowcase was always to the outside edge of the bed. Should I worry that a pillowcase pointed the wrong way causes me to be anxious, but I could watch from my bed in the Amazon as a 2-inch long beetle crawled up and over the wall to my sister’s side of the cabin and then sleep like a baby? (Of course, not wanting to disrupt my sister’s sleep, I felt it was wisest not tell her it was coming her way.)

Every time I curl up on the couch to watch TV and cover myself with one of the flannel blankets my mom made me I make sure the loose ends of the yarn she tied it with are on the underside – where I can’t see them. And when I’m finished watching TV and neatly fold the blanket, I always fold it so the side where the yarn was tied is in, never out. I wonder why I can sit on that couch without being bothered that I’m sitting in pieces of popcorn, cat toys, and bits of quilting thread but I can’t look at the ends of the yarn that tied a blanket. What’s with that?

A lot of times I wonder why I write this blog filled with mindless ramblings (actually I wonder more why anybody would read it) and a couple of days ago I was wondering why the heck it took me two whole hours to figure out how to add the “e-mail me updates” option for you (see it? … over there to the right … near the top) when I should have been spending that precious time checking the direction of my pillowcases or folding blankets – yarn ties in of course. I am hoping the “e-mail me” button will save you from the need to check this blog repeatedly to see if I have written a new mind-numbing post. That way you will have more time to dedicate to the serious task of straightening the spoons in your silverware drawer – and to wonder why you do it.◦


Leslie said...

My pillowcases need to face inside the bed..not toward the edge!
It's amazing the little things we do to keep our sanity.

Lesley Collins said...

Oh no. I didn't know there was pillowcase etiquette!

Abby said...

And what about your Sunday ritual of "ironing the sheets and pillowcases"? If that's not weird, I don't know what is.

I like the pillowcases out too.