Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And Then There Were Four

This is my first ever cell phone.   And it is my current cell phone. It’s been with me since I joined the world of cell phone users about 3 ½ years ago. It does not text or take pictures or connect to the internet. Not that it couldn’t, but I blocked those features because the first week I had it I accidentally connected to the web for a mere 2 seconds which resulted in a $1.99 extra charge on my first bill. Thankfully Verizon is used to freaked-out customers who are willing to admit they barely know how to flip open the phone let alone surf the web and they refunded my money.

I also have an iPod. I use it to listen to music and e-books and Spanish lessons, although the Spanish lessons ... not so much anymore.  I can also e-mail from it and surf the web for things like how to say in Spanish, “no thank you. I prefer not to sleep in the airport” which is especially handy when I’m stranded in Panama. And I can Skype Abby from it but I can’t Skype from it unless I’m able to connect to the internet. If I’m connected to the internet it means I’m either at home (where I have an actual Skype phone) or enjoying the fine cuisine in an airport (which I try to avoid at all costs) so when I'm at work, the iPod’s not doing me much good for “Hi, Abby, it’s your mom. Just thought I’d give you a quick call” since the internet at work is clamped down tighter than my lips when baby-poop looking food is placed in front of me.

I have now decided I’m ready to jump feet-first into the world of data plans and smart phones. Why?  Partly because, well, the apple doesn't fall from the tree.  My dad buys a new car every year.  Okay, not every year, maybe only every 14 to 18 months, but often enough that salesmen have nearly died from pushing each other out of the way in order to get to my dad when he pulls into the car lot.  And what is my dad's reason for aiding the sales men and women in their acquisition of boats?  Because I want to.  Seems a good enough reason to me. 

But mostly I want to  because I’m tired of hardly ever being able to talk to Abby while she's in Ecuador. Ecuador time is now two-hours later than we are so either I’m at work or the gym when Abby’s available, or I’m home from work and the gym but it’s dinner time for her, or she’s finished with dinner but it’s my dinner time, or I’m finished with dinner but it’s bedtime for her, or she’s up in the morning but I’m still sleeping. Can you feel the frustration? We never seem to be able to talk other than through e-mail. If I had a smart phone I could Skype her during the day without having to use my lunch break to hop in my car, drive to Starbucks, load up their wifi on my iPod, Skype her, say “Hi. Gotta go!” and then jump back in my car and get back to work before my half hour is up. No.....I haven’t done that.........but I’ve thought about it.  I know I can be a bit nutso, but I'm not quite that nutso, not yet anyway.

So here’s my dilemma:  now that Verizon carries the iPhone in our area should I buy an iPhone or a Droid? I need your help deciding. Really. I really do. So please help me out by making your choice below. And do it soon, please. I’m ready, really ready (I think ... almost positive ... pretty sure anyway) to buy one.

Please only vote once and it would be even better if you would vote AND leave me a comment about why you voted the way you did. Why do you think the iPhone or the Droid is better? What do you hate or love about those phones?  I’m pretty sure I’m one of only five people left in the world without a smart phone – for now anyway – but whether you do or don't have one, I know you all have an opinion. So here's your chance. Don't be shy. Let's hear it!

Here's a (four hours after this was posted) thought ~~  Feel free to send this post to anybody you know who uses a Droid or an iPhone or has an opinion one way or another even if they don't have one.  But you should probably promise them all they have to do is scroll straight to the bottom without reading any of my mindless ramblings.  I wouldn't want to be responsible for ending any friendships.



The Fuhrmans said...

I tried to vote for Droid but it wouldn't work. This is Ryan's reason you should buy a Droid.
1. iphone is already planned to be obsolete so you always have to upgrade
2. droid is open source so the people who are designing for it don't have to get through apple
3. if you buy an iphone you're stuck with apple and iphone, that's it
4. with droid you can use the phone, ie talk and use the options on the phone at the same time, search, etc.
5. Ryan has also heard the iphone download time is pretty slow.
But he says what does he know he has the same phone as you have now and it's cracked and barely stays open.

Trinity Chappelear said...

I agree....Droid. Typing on a touch screen is not easy and I think the Droid has keypad. Everyone I know who has a Droid loves it. Droid is the only phone I would consider leaving Blackberry for, and I am a Blackberry addict!

Abby said...

I voted for iphone because I love my ipod. And you are not necessarily technology savvy. Which in more polite terms means, you have an ipod, and you already know how to use it. So, it will be that much easier to learn how to use the iphone. And also, because I REALLY want an iphone. But, I don't even have a cell phone plan here in Ecuador, so no Blackberry/Droid/iphone/smart phone for me. Good luck. Whatever you pick, I'm sure you'll like it. Maybe.

Art Elser said...

Well, since I have one of those old flip phones too, and pretty much use it only for long distance, I'm not too qualified to suggest which phone. I did suggest the iPhone because I've had personal Macs since the original one in 1984 and have loved every one.

Al just got a new iPhone after having a droid for a couple of years and seems to like it better. I don't think you could go wrong with either phone.


Lesley Collins said...

I vote for the iphone because Al already has everything figured out, and could help you. It is also much speedier that the droid was.

Lesley Collins said...

And you can get a stylus for the iphone.

Al said...

iPhone. The only time you *might* miss some of the stuff the Droid can do is if you had one and switched over. For the most part I like my iPhone much better. Like Windows vs. Mac, my Droid eventually got buggy and slow. The open source is great for apps (lots more free ones for the Droid it seemed), but many of them are so buggy and cause problems that it's just not worth it to me. I'd rather have a phone that works. ;)

Deb Evert said...

I'm one of the five other people who have a plain old flip phone. I try not to think of which I'd like because my budget refuses to fit one in - the coop likes the money for their expensive priced fuel oil to keep the house warm. So - there are like two of us for sure in the world who don't have a smart phone - oh yeah - neither does Gordon so thats 3. Hugs - good luck!!