Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My blogger friend, Art, who just so happens to be the father of my cubie-wall-mate, recently suffered a massive heart attack and is now recovering from "holy cow that wasn't fun!" multi-bypass surgery.  I haven't actually spoken to him since he had his surgery, so I'm just guessing, but I'd bet that bag of chocolate candies in my desk drawer that he said something just like that.

When Art's not out counting critters or birds he's writing poetry and haiku which I guess is a short kind of poetry.  If I would have actually carefully read the haiku information I just linked to I could probably tell you exactly what it is.  But what's the point of a link if I go ahead and spill the beans right here?  However, I do know (because I did read a little) that a haiku verse has five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last and they don't have to rhyme. 

I have decided for this post I will write a haiku that will succinctly sum up my last post so I can save Art time.  Because what kind of blogger friend would I be if he had to put off eating another tub of green jell-o or shorten the length of time he could blow into an inhalation therapy device just so he could read a blog post?  So.....this one's for you Art.

Warm gift in my hand
Flattened critters help us all
Woman wins again

If anybody (besides, you Art) is reading this and would like to leave a haiku for Art at his blog I'm pretty sure he would love it.  I bet he'd even put down the blowing device just so he could read it ... not so sure he'd put off eating the jell-o though.

(yes, I'm bored already)

Helmets are important not only while riding your bicycle, motorcycle, downhill skiing or snowboarding.  Helmets are important and necessary while wearing a booster seat strapped to your butt.  You may think the risk is low as you waddle around on a flat surface, bent at the waist, plastic-covered keister randomly sweeping glasses, books and plants from their surfaces, but when you decide at the last moment to negotiate a stairway, you will regret not planning ahead and attaching that egg-shaped (half an egg-shaped anyway) accessory on your head.  Be safe out there. 



The Fuhrmans said...

I will remember the helmet next time when Pierce decides for the second time that a booster is a great accessory.

Deb said...

In that case its probably a good idea Leslie!! Want me to send you our small motorcycle helmet? Bless his cute little heart and his bunged up noggin. Well C - I'm back on the blog - thank goodness. Looking for a creative job I can do at home - any good thoughts??? There ARE no jobs out there for what I can do - aren't you glad you quit nursing school??? Old nurses are just not in big need for sure - especially as old as I am. So - there is a new craft place - consignment - called Tastes and Talents - opening not far from us. I am working on baby towels - and who knows what else. Stuffed toys maybe - she also has no quilts, wreaths, pillowcase dolls or dresses, and now rag rugs. All I have to do now is realize that yup - just cuz I'm not a nurse thats usable - it doesn't mean that I as a person am not usable. That's a hard one. Need to quit playing Rummikub on FB and get into the sewing room. Wish I had your quilt talent lady. Sorry that I dumped this on your comment sheet but - now I'm too lazy to cut and paste anywhere else so forgive me. Sunny in Ne.