Sunday, February 19, 2012

David Copperfield Where Are You?

What?!  You cleaned them up?  But I was going to take a picture of the Q-tips spilled all over the bathroom counter.   I hadn’t done it yet so I wouldn’t wake you up.  I have the camera right here, ready and waiting.  Why did you decide to be helpful TODAY?!  What do you mean you spilled them?  I thought it was the kitties’ fault.  I was almost finished writing a whole blog post about dimpled golf balls and pinball machines and Q-tips and kitties too smart for their own good and you're telling me it wasn’t their fault?  Oh, well.  It would have just been a lie anyway.

What?!  I just deleted an almost-completed blog post because you told me it was your fault and now you’re telling me it really WAS the kitties' fault after all?  How could you NOT know it could have been good blog fodder?  Seriously?  I might have to make YOU my blog fodder today mister.

No.  A hug is not going to fix it.  Nnnooo … cooking me an awesome breakfast is not going to make up for it.  Really?  You think fixing the blinking kitchen lights will cause that blog post I slaved over while you were still snoring away to magically reappear?  And staining the kitchen door frames won’t bring back my blog post either even if I have been waiting four years for that final little kitchen remodel detail to be completed. 

Sure.  Be my guest.  Go ahead.  Try them all.  It can’t hurt.  You never know.  Stranger things have happened. 

And anyway, it’ll give me more blog fodder. 



Art Elser said...

Ah, yes, Cathy. Guilt, the gift that keeps on giving. Is there some class that little girls take in grade school that give them the basics of spreading guilt around? And when do the little girls go to that class so the little boys know nothing about it? Oh, yes, we little boys were just as oblivious as we are as men.

Susan said...

Ha Ha ha Ha!