Monday, August 27, 2012

Are There Beehives In Space?

Remember that commercial from the late 70s that went something like … “SOME day is today … at Honeywell”?  I’ve been thinking of that commercial lately because “SOME day has become today … at the home.   By which I mean, the painting we were going to do SOME day, the hardwood floors we were going to replace the carpet with SOME day, the wallpaper we were going to strip SOME day, and irrigation ditch pump that we were going to update SOME day are being painted, installed, stripped and replaced … today (within the next month or so anyway) … at the home.  This unexpected move into “today” has engendered various amounts of grumbling, moaning and arguing debate at the home.
When I say the home I mean our future retirement house.  When I first started telling people about this house I would call it “the house we’re going to move to when we retire.”  That was a mouthful which I soon shortened to “our retirement home” which then became the home. “Yup, goin’ up to the home again this weekend.” 
Lately I've been wondering if I should come up with another way to easily describe this house we plan to move to when we both retire.  The home  triggers an image of silver-haired geezers (if they have any hair at all, that is) shoulders stooped, shuffling from room to room, groaning during their frequent stops to massage a hip, all the while either shouting, “What? Whajja say? I didn’t hear you! Say it again! Whaaaaat?!" or mumbling to themselves about the other dimwits residents.              
Then again … maybe not.



Jerry said...

Watch how you talk about "old geezers"/

Abby said...

That was exactly the image I got in my head when I read "the home".

Art Elser said...

Is this pick on the old geezers month at The HOME? Jeez! Of course I could point to the title of your post and ask where the almost-geezer brain lost the thread.

Get the part about the Honeywell commercial, but the beehive apparently just flew away.

Have you installed the ADA ramps and the elevator that runs up the stairs yet?

Susan Struck said...

What a good idea to start working now on your future home.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Well now this work could lead to earlier retirement. Let's hope all goes as planned.