Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wire There No Vampires?

Halloween, the holiday I love to hate, is looming.  But just because I whine about it  doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate it.  I do.  Nearly every year I dress for the occasion in my witch’s outfit of comfy lounge pants, sweater and footies and cackle all the way from the dark and gloomy first floor of the house down to the basement where the only light is the reflected glow from the television in the cat’s eyes.
I don’t want anybody to think I’ve always been this way.  I loved Halloween as much as the next person until I had children.  And they went to school.  And the school had Halloween parades.  Halloween parades where ghouls and witches and fairies and mummies marched from room to room just before they gorged on apple fangs, pudding brains and skeleton bone cookies, followed by the awarding a prize for the best costume.  Yes.  You heard me.  Uh, I mean, read that correctly.  There was a Best Costume prize.  

I know for a fact that costume parade was not for the kids.  No sirrrreeeee.  That parade was an insidious mother competition that gave unfair advantage to mothers who knew how to turn on a sewing machine read a pattern and expertly use a sewing machine; creative mothers who felt compelled to sew a costume which actually FIT their child.  Smelly, wrinkled, torn and jelly-smeared garments pulled from the dress-up box were not good enough for their kids to wear in a Halloween parade.  Nooooooo … those mothers stayed up half the night sewing dinosaurs with twitching tails and princess dresses made of yards and yards of tulle glittering with hand-sewn sequins.  Consequently, those mothers who flaunted their resourcefulness and professional sewing ability and crushed any inkling of confidence I might have felt after my attempts at costume creation are the rea that costume parade is the reason for my intense dislike of Halloween.

After this year though, I may not be the only one whose painful experience will be forever tied to this candy-devouring holiday.  Or, in Myra’s case, this NO-candy-devouring holiday.  Recently she fell and knocked her face on a table, leaving one partially descended front tooth hanging by a root while pushing the other one, which had not yet descended at all, further up into her gum.  That was horrible enough but after Ryan, covered in blood, rushed her to a dentist, she spent an hour lying patiently in a dental chair while her tooth was wired back into her gum and that was, well, kind of gruesome.  But not being able to wear her vampire teeth on Halloween ...  or eat any of the candy for two whole weeks … that's an unspeakable trauma which may very well haunt Myra every Halloween for years to come. 



Leslie said...

I am looking forward to the two weeks being done as much as Myra is! May will all survive Halloween night with only a little drama.

Abby said...

Oooohhh, that picture gives me the shivers every time.

Al said...

Poor Cathy! I mean, um, poor Myra!!!

Art Elser said...

Gee, I wonder where Myra got a penchant for high drama from? I think all little girls named Cathy or Kathy come by it naturally and pass it on to their daughters and granddaughters.

This year the kids didn't have to march through a foot of snow for trick or treat.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

My oh my that is a very tough thing to deal with at her age.
But there is other fun to be had like baking soft cookies shaped as characters for the season.