Sunday, February 24, 2013

Please Don’t Taaaaake My Sunshine Away ♪♫

A barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure. Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather. Numerous measurements of air pressure are used within surface weather analysis to help find surface troughs, high pressure systems, and frontal boundaries.

I am a human barometer.  I measure sunshine. These sunlight measurements forecast short term changes in my climate.  Changes may occur quickly and often.  This winter season has been seriously short on sunshine and I have spent most of my time in a trough – a butt trough on the couch.  Now and then the clouds will part, I will be showered in sunshine and, in a microburst of energy, I will accomplish all kinds of things in a whirlwind of activity.

Unfortunately for my equilibrium level, clouds reappear, the sky becomes overcast, the sun disappears and it either snows more or the wind blows harder or it gets even colder – or all three.  That's when I crawl from the trough toward a frozen depression – and bake.  I bake sandwich bread and dinner rolls and kolaches and cookies and brownies and muffins – because baking is warm and comforting.  And then I eat what I baked.  

I need sunshine. The extended outlook isn't good. That trough in the couch is getting snug.



Leslie said...

That is exactly what I do! Sometimes I am saved by Ryan when he just gives me a funny look when I ask if I should bake cookies...he prefers chips. So since I don't bake I just wander around the house and cuddle up on the couch. I am ready for spring and no snow!

Abby said...

It may never get cold here, and I mean never, but we have many more overcast days than anywhere I've ever lived. Even though it's 90 degrees outside, constant cloud cover definately does something to your outlook on life, as well as overall laziness. At least that's my excuse...

Deb said...

Ok you - why did I never think that you would keep something so very very important from me. KOLACHE recipe please!!!!!! And please ignore any typo's here. The man decided that we needed an IMAC keyboard - sighs - I haven't used anything in years except an ergonomic keyboard and mouse - ergonomic as in to fit MY hands. Plus we gave our original IMAC keyboard to a friend who uses nothing but Mac's and didn't hav one. THE IMAC keyboard is FLAT FLAT FLAT...and it sucks... I make a thousand more typos's on the damn thing... Oh well...ingore my beotch but send me the recipe please!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

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