Saturday, March 23, 2013


Dean's just left to meet the tow truck driver who is bringing our Subaru back to town and dropping it at our trusty mechanic's business.  We were about 20 miles outside of Casper this morning on our way to a weekend in Sheridan when our 14-year old Subaru decided it had other plans for us and used its only means of communication to inform us of this by blowing its head gasket.  As we were parked along the exit to "Girls, Girls, Girls!" we called every tow truck I Googled only to find it would be a two-hour wait at the minimum.  So we begged a ride back from Leslie's very generous father-in-law who dropped everything to drive out, pick us up and bring us back home where we waited for the tow truck driver to call and say he was nearing town. 

While we were waiting we needed something to do other than pace so we did a little furniture rearranging downstairs.  Remember back here when I accidentally discovered where the kitties had "stored" all their toys?  They've been missing again for months.  Every now and then I've pulled out the dresser to see if they've all collected underneath once again but nary a one ever appeared.  I had come to the conclusion that Angus had eaten them all.  He does have colorful poop on occasion after all.

I was wrong. 

Well ... Dean just walked in.  I now know we were 25 hours from town because the tow truck driver told him.  And once he's unloaded our nine year old Honda with the stuff he moved from the Subaru that should be in Sheridan right now taking us to a fundraiser at the brewery where we planned to drink beer and listen to music ... we will be drinking a "free" soda and listening to car dealers. 

At least somebody is having fun today.



Abby said...

Toy heaven! Hilarious!

Leslie said...

I hope it really was 25 minutes and not 25 hours. We missed you guys! I discovered three of Baxter's bones under the couch the other day.

Sue said...


Yet, our pets often help us see that joy is still available for the taking.