Monday, March 30, 2015

Baking For Myra

Yep.  Baking again.  Sometimes we just have to accept that we are who we are and we do what we do.  I began all the baking to distract myself while the bees were here because having people in and out all day long just made me nervous.  Even if they were super nice guys I couldn’t ever really relax while they were here.  What would they think if they saw me basking in the sun on the couch with my eyes closed?  Or watching TV in the middle of the day?  Or what if Dean scratched himself in the wrong spot just as they looked at him?   It made for stressful days and when I’m stressed I bake.   And then the baking became a habit.  And now I can’t go three days in a row without baking something.  Mostly because I can’t go three days in a row without wanting to eat something I’ve baked.  Which is not good because now there are no worker bees to eat most of what I bake. 

Good thing I have Leslie and Ryan and the grandkids to save me from myself.  Today I am baking for them.  

But mostly I am baking for Myra because over the last couple of weeks Myra has worked harder and will continue to work harder than any of my bees.

Today Myra went back to school – using a walker.  

And I suspect at the end of a day filled with looks and questions and learning to maneuver her walker in her classroom and cafeteria and everywhere else she needs to go during a normal school day she is going to need a cupcake – or two – or three.  She deserves a dozen after what she’s been through because after five days in the hospital, needles poking, people prodding, an MRI that sounded like jack hammers pounding and felt like it went on for days (nothing at all like the medical TV shows depict Leslie tells me) and a spinal tap where she merely wrinkled her brow while they “were pushing a bottle into my back,” Myra has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare autoimmune syndrome that occurs when the body attacks the peripheral nerves

Shes making the best of it by decorating her new walker ...  

... which isn’t surprising coming from a girl who made this for her valentine’s box.  

Even though she’s stuck using a walker just when the weather has made it perfect for climbing trees and riding her scooter, she hasn’t let it dampen her spirit.  As Leslie says, her determination and obstinacy and constant questioning, which are the very traits that sometimes made her infuriating, are the very qualities that have so far, and will in the future, get her through this ordeal until she is once again running with her brother trying to beat our car to the corner as we leave after a visit.  It’s still not going to be a piece of cake and her recovery may take months but she will get there because she’s one tough cookie.



Al said...

I will not cry I will not cry.

Leslie Fuhrman said...

Well said mom....well said! You made the stress more bearable. Thank you for all you guys do... in the good times and in the bad.

Art Elser said...

Cathy, how terrible that Myra contracted this syndrome, but how wonderful, Myra's response. Kids are a wonder, aren't they. I'm sure you and Leslie and Ryan are so much more worried by this than Myra. I've heard that cupcakes, especially ones with sprinkles are one of the special meds they give to brave, cute little girls who have decorated their walkers.

Kathy and I send wishes for a speedy recovery and know you all, especially Myra, are in our thoughts and prayers.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I just looked that up. It looks like it's a good thing she has the diagnosis so that she gets treated for it. I hope she feels better soon.