Friday, February 22, 2008

A weekend in Delta

We spent President's weekend in Delta visiting the grandkids and Lesie and Ryan. It was a rather eventful trip down. The roads weren't looking very good so we decided to take the Denver route vs. the Baggs/Craig route. I hate driving in Denver. I hate even being a passenger in Denver. There's way too much traffic and they drive way too fast. So whenever we have to drive to or through Denver, I begin driving in Casper and turn over the wheel to Dean in Cheyenne. That routine didn't work out this time.

We began with a stop at Starbucks in Casper and hit the road. As I'm turning the keys over to Dean at the gas station in Cheyenne he tells me he doesn't feel well and I'll need to drive a bit more. Turns out a bit more was all the way to Delta. Holy Cow! I'd have to drive through Denver!! I sucked it up and took the keys back, climbed in the car, took a few deep breaths and continued on. I figured I could stay in one lane and just keep going until I had to merge onto the next interstate. He didn't tell me I was going to have to exit just past Loveland for some kind of stomach medicine and then merge back on. And exit again near Golden for sustenance and a "stomach break" and then merge back on.

By the time we reached Delta, Dean had determined that drinking coffee on an empty stomach didn't agree with him because he's had this "stomach thing" before and once he thought about it, realized it'd always happened after coffee on an empty or near-empty stomach. I must have an iron stomach. I can drink coffee on an empty stomach til the cows come home. Heck, I drink 2 or 3 cups of high test coffee on Saturday morning on an empty stomach before I go to yoga to stretch out and "relax" from the week's stress.

However, during his pre-ephiphany time, I am driving through the city I hate most, through traffic, exiting, merging, exiting, merging, through slush and nasty roads over the Vail pass while Dean is writhing on the seat next to me, shirt pulled up, belly to the sky, twisting into various contortions, moaning intermittently, refusing to wear his seatbelt and making some rather disturbing noises. I've had better trips to Delta.

Thankfully we arrived in one piece, by Saturday morning Dean was feeling fine and we could do what we came with grandkids. We had a great time. Dean and Ryan spent some time drywalling one of their bedrooms, I shared my limited knitting knowledge with Leslie, and the girls and I played monster, tea party and read books.

The next trip we take to Delta will be when the roads are clear and dry and I will be the only visiting Starbucks before we start out.



Jerry said...

Looks like you are getting good use from that digital camera.

Cathy said...

Instant gratification! Now I wonder how I ever did without it. The only bad thing is I never seem to get around to printing any of them.