Saturday, March 1, 2008

Recycling Beer Cans

We have left the winter months behind and entered the first month of spring. I'm sure many people will soon see tulips and daffodils blooming, trees leafing out and grass turning green. I always hope for that in March but what we usually get is whoppin' spring snowstorms. Every year, even though I know better, I hope this will be the year spring comes early and the last snowstorm we've had really IS the last snowstorm we'll get. And every year just about this time I say to myself, "wow, we really ARE going to have spring come early and stay this year" we get that whoppin' spring snowstorm so the tulips are hanging their heads and the leafed out branches of the trees bend and break. It's 54 degrees today and even though I know better and I know those howling winds out there are bringing the cold and possible snow predicted for tomorrow I'm hoping for an early spring.

We have made up for not skiing at all last year by making it up the mountain six times so far this season. We went up and did a couple of loops after work last night and were the only two people on the trails. Even though the snow was a bit crusty and the wind was blowing it was great to be out.

Dean decided to submit a "postcard of the west" for the local art museum's fund-raising auction in April. He used beer cans cut into small squares. What's more representative of the west than beer? All entries must be no larger than 5 x 7". I'm still waiting for him to say to me, "now aren't you glad I didn't get rid of those beer cans?" because my mantra to him is "why do you need to keep that?". I wonder how many other wives have to hide what they throw away so their husbands don't pull it out and save it for an "art project". Here's a photo of his final product.


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Justin said...

That's a great piece, Dean!