Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wyoming counts

Sometimes living in a state with an overwhelming majority of conservative Republicans can be wearing. Working all day surrounded by conservative Republicans, many of whom are not shy about expressing their conservative opinions, is often wearing. Always watching what you say because you don't want to see the "what do you expect, she's a liberal" look can be wearing.

I sometimes wonder if Dean and I are the only two Democrats in the whole city of Casper. Tomorrow I hope to find out we are not. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both scheduled to speak here. That's right, here in the great city of Casper. Who woulda thought? Wyoming is finally on the map and my vote may finally mean something. We will go hear Obama speak in the afternoon and then may even take in Clinton's speech in the evening. After all, how many times will we get this chance? Saturday we will participate in our very first caucus. I'm looking forward to spending some time bonding with those of my own kind. It will be a welcome change.◦

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