Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up

There are lots of other things I probably should be doing now (like preparing Christmas cards) but while I wait to usher at the annual Symphony Christmas concert I've chosen to test my memory cells.

Way back in early November we babysat the three birdies while Leslie and Ryan had a date night. As Dean was cooking gourmet weenies for all of us, Emerson and I were building a leggo tower. As the tower got higher I casually asked Emerson if she thought she would like to build real towers when she grew up. She looked at me and said, "no, I want to be a mommy." I responded by saying "I just wondered, because ever since you were really little you've always seemed to like building towers." A look of panic crossed her face and she said, "No! Please don't make me build towers. I want to be a mommy and have babies."

When Leslie and Ryan returned we were all settled in with popcorn and a "Madeleine" movie.

Also in early November we made a trip back to see Abby. During the long, boring nine hour drive it occurred to me it was Husker home game weekend so I got out the trusy cell phone and called my ticket source, Trinity. (Yes, we are no longer the only people in the world sans cell phone. I can tell you Dean was not happy to give up that distinction but daughters---one in particular---are very good at heaping guilt on mothers who absorb guilt like a sponge). To make a long story a little less long, Abby and I were able to obtain Husker tickets on one of the coldest game days of the season and watch the Huskers beat the Kansas Jayhawks. Of course since I didn't know I was going to be attending the game I was not prepared for
sitting-in-a-cold-stadium-on-a-cold-bench-with-your-feet-on-cold-cement-for-several-hours weather. Abby generously loaned me extra clothing so after donning 3 pairs of socks, tights, 3 shirts, fleece, jacket, mittens, and ear band I was ready. The best thing of all was we remembered to bring two blankets to sit on so our butts weren't frozen solid---only partially.

The bravest guy I've ever seen was a Kansas Jayhawk fan one row down and 5 people over from us. I'm guessing he was in his early 30's and was decked out in silky basketball-type shorts, blue spandex tights, blue tight long-sleeved spandex shirt with a silky basketball-like jersey over it, lots of blue mardi gras-like beads, a Kansas Jayhawk bird hat and a Superman-like cape which he continually adjusted so it was not wrinkled or hanging crooked. He was the only Jayhawk fan surrounded by a sea of blazing red Husker fans. When the Jayhawks did something good on the field he stood up all alone and swayed back and forth with his arms in the air just like all the other Jayhawk fans in the section directly across the field from us. By the end of the game he was shivering so hard that his body was in constant vibration. And I thought Nebraska fans were crazy...

While we were visiting, we toured the Nebraska Quilt Museum and saw an awesome display of Korean patchwork. (pojagi) They are gorgeous quilts made of delicate silks and each seam was sewn together with tiny whip stitches. Here's an example of one I found on-line.

My goal is to collect enough silk fabric (not so easy in the bustling metropolis of Casper) and create one myself. Traditionally they are used to wrap gifts or carry laundry but I'm thinking if I ever get one made it'll be going on the wall.

And speaking of quilting, I have finished the next two blocks of Myra's "baby" quilt--"This Little Piggy Goes To Market" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". In the works is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Abby came home for Thanksgiving and we feasted on turkey with all the trimmings. Ryan's parents were also able to join us.

While the turkey was baking Ryan and the kids added some finishing touches to their cardboard castle and worked up an appetite by protecting the kingdom from marauding black knights.

One night Emerson and Myra spent the night and Abby had the honor of sharing a bed with them. Emerson was very conscientious about making sure Abby had enough space in the bed when she and Myra first crawled in but it would appear she's a cuddler.

The next morning Aunt Abby went to preschool with Emerson and got to share in crafts, a walk to the park and snacks before she flew back to Lincoln.

And now it's time for me to don my black usher duds for the symphony concert. It'll be a cold drive. We reached a new record last night with a low of eighteen degrees BELOW zero. About an hour ago (noon) Dean told me it was up to a whoppin' minus twelve. Winter has arrived.◦

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