Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tea Party

Queen Nana of Dundee and Countess Abby of Lincolnshire recently hosted a tea party at Castle Make-Believe.

The tea was attended by Duchess Leslie de Chestnut, Princess Emerson de Cheveux Marron, and Princess Myra de Cheveux Rouge. Dress was formal and the guests arrived in their finest gowns.

The menu consisted of:

Cucumber sandwiches
Black and green olives
Kiwi and strawberries
A variety of cheese
Sesame and bunny cheese crackers
Carrots and tomatoes
Red peppers
Banana chips
Tea with cream and sugar
Delicately decorated bite-size cheesecake for dessert

Queen Nana's childhood teaset was put to good use as the royal group enjoyed the fine food and conversation. The tiny teapot was refilled multiple times in an effort to keep the tiny teacups filled with steaming tea.

All guests enjoyed a delightful afternoon of delicious food and stimulating conversation.◦


doreen said...

Lovely!! Where did you get the amazing attire?

doreen said...

Colin recognized your creamer and sugar bowl, glad to see it's at your wonderful event!!