Thursday, December 25, 2008

Roast Birdie

We enjoyed Christmas breakfast and present opening this morning with my dad (who is here for the holiday) and Leslie, Ryan and the three kids. At one point during the morning I thought I heard the words "" from Emerson. I turned to look and Myra had a finger in her mouth and they were both looking at a little Christmas candle I had lit. Thinking Myra must have stuck her finger in the candle I said, "Oh, that's hot, Myra. You don't want to touch candles. They'll burn you."

"You can touch these pretend candles because they aren't real and they won't burn you" and I proceeded to turn on my grandma's ancient pretend candles.

A bit exasperated because I misunderstood, Emerson then clearly said, "Myra put a bird in the candle." I looked inside the candle holder and little flames were shooting up from one of the little pretend birds that we wire onto the Christmas tree. Apparently Myra had stuck her fingers in the candle. She just happened to have a little birdie clutched in them at the time. I sprang into action, quickly grabbed a table knife and fished the little blaze out of the candle as both girls stood there wide-eyed. Myra, obviously well-practiced in the art of apology, immediately offered up a vocal "sorry." The little guy managed to survive with only one charred wing and may even "live" to see another day on the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!


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