Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthdays and Buttons

We spent last weekend in Lincoln with Abby helping her celebrate her birthday. She has reached the ripe old age of 28 and I'm beginning to understand what my dad means when he tells me he feels older on his kids' birthdays than he does on his own.

(If you zoom into the picture you can see the cool little icing insects)

While we were in Lincoln we spent most of Saturday at an auction. Abby and I were checking out the treasures on one of the many tables when I heard the auctioneer call out, "buttons". Leslie loves to collect any and all things vintage and buttons are one of her favorites. So I immediately raised my hand straight and high in the air so there would be no doubt that I was interested in said buttons. I was so excited I forgot to lower my arm once I got the nod from the auctioneer. I just stood there, arm straight and tall as the auctioneer continued to ask for bids. All I could see were heads in front of me so I had no idea how many jars of vintage buttons I was bidding on. The auctioneer was calling for bids, my heart rate was increasing and I was thinking "how high should I bid, how high should I bid, when I heard, "sold for a buck fifty!". Inwardly gloating about my great auction deal and imagining how excited Leslie was going to be, I reached out to take the yellow plastic grocery bag held out to me. "That's weird", I thought. "Why are these buttons just thrown in a bag?"

I did buy approximately 20 vintage buttons. Turns out they just weren't quite what I'd anticipated.

Yes, Trinity. One will be winging it's way to you soon.◦


Leslie said...

Nice! Sorry I forgot to send you a picture!

Trinity Chappelear said...

I got the button in the mail today and did need to read your blog to find out what was going on. The button will be downstairs with all of my other political junkie stuff.