Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plans Gone Awry

The "winter that refuses to go away" has become the number one topic of conversation in the office, in the grocery store, at the gym and pretty much anywhere I go. When there was a break in the weather early in the week and it actually warmed up into the low 70s, the excitement that winter might finally leave us was palpable.

When the onion starts arrived in the mail this week the possibility of spring seemed a real possibility, not just a dream. Gardening was actually going to happen at our house this weekend after the long winter wait.

Or not.....

Friday night------------

Saturday morning we saw two inches of snow on the ground but by mid-afternoon it had all melted and temperatures were in the mid-40s. We Wyomingites (even those of us who were transplanted) are a resilient breed and Dean decided since the garden was too wet to work in, on Sunday he'd paint one of the kitchen walls instead. Note that I said "one" wall. There's no getting carried away at our house. Yes, sadly, nearly 16 months after our kitchen remodeling was completed there is only one stained doorway and no new paint on any walls. I accept no responsibility since I am forbidden to touch any staining or painting materials. Painting has to wait until it's warm enough to open doors and windows to dissipate the paint smell (so I've been told) and Sunday that was going to happen. That was the plan anyway.

Yesterday he purchased the paint.

This morning we woke up to this:

There will be no painting or staining today. If you're sick of seeing snow photos on this blog, I'm even sicker of all the opportunities I've had to post them.

On the bright side the grandkids have been entertaining this week. Pierce discovered a dress-up "stole" Abby sent back and fell in love with it.

Yesterday we took the girls to see the movie Earth

We loaded up with popcorn, drinks and Starburst and settled in. Myra is so small that when she sat in the theatre seat the front of the seat would fold up so her knees were nearly touching her nose. Consequently she watched the movie from my lap. I kept a close watch each time she reached for her drink and when she spilled it on herself near the end of the movie she did it so smoothly that I didn't even notice until she told me her shirt was wet. I thought for a moment she would be watching the rest of the movie in her underwear but she was satisfied with just holding her shirt away from her chest.

I don't think the panoramic views of breathtaking waterfalls or desert landscapes were their favorite parts but I did hear alot of whispered questions and answers about animals from Dean and Emerson. Myra asked me several times "is it over?" "is it almost over?" and finally, "this is a really long movie." On the way home as we asked them how they liked the movie and which animals they liked best the responses included: "Elephants" (Myra), "Pandas" (Emerson) although there were no Pandas in this movie, and Emerson said, "I saw this movie already" even though it had only been released three days earlier. I think they enjoyed "Earth" but next time I think we'll choose a Pixar movie.◦

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Leslie said...

The girls had a great time yesterday. I can't believe the snow. Seriously I'm so done....