Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gettin' Serious

When I started blogging I picked a template with a black background and white writing and that was it. No fancy photos, links or anything the least bit visually interesting. When I complained about not really liking it but not knowing what to do about it, number one daughter (who is very talented in the blog setting-up department) not only fixed it but regularly improved it for me. She changed the colors, she added graphics and just generally made it look better. The other day I decided if I was going to continue this blogging thing maybe I should figure out things for myself. So I started looking at other people's blogs to see what everybody else is doing out there. One thing led to another and next thing you know I was reading lots and lots of blogs. I felt like I was making a whole new group of friends by reading snippets of their lives from around the world---well, the English-writing world anyway

After a bit of reading I started wondering how people find the time to do all this blogging. Almost everybody seems to post more often than I do. Some people post something every day. Really. Every day. And these posts aren't just two sentences with maybe one photo. They're long, newsy and full of pictures. Not only that, they still seem to have a life outside of blogging. I saw photos of crafted items, quilted items, baked items, trips, celebrations and lots of other things that require time to accomplish in addition to the time it takes to sit at a computer and blog about them.

Every day as I sit at my computer at work, I think of all the things I will do when I get home and all the things I will blog about. I make a list on a post-it note, carry that post-it home with me, stick it on the wall and that's usually as far as it goes. All I can conclude is that people who actually have a life and blog do not sleep. I saw blogs with posts from the wee hours of the morning. People must get up early or stay up half the night. I'd like to think that going without eight hours of sleep is in the realm of possibility for me but that's a big N----O. I have on occasion gone with fewer than eight hours of sleep (it rarely was by choice) and even though I try oh, so hard, it is impossible for me to fake being alert and happy when I am a cranky zombie. Just ask my husband.

I finally did quit reading blogs and began revising mine so if I don't change my mind later or screw things up by trying to get too fancy for my limited html knowledge, this new look is it..........for now anyway.

I hafta go hike the mountain now..............this is why I never get any blogging done.

Okay, I'm back. Dean and I have decided to hike the bridal trail once/week as long as the weather's good. No, we do not see any brides nor do we see any horses...only old fogies like us. The young ones never make it past the short walk to the waterfall. We're hoping this hike will prepare our legs to hike Laramie Peak later this summer. We said that last summer too but this time we really mean it.

It's nearing the end of June and it's still this green. Amazing!

Another view from the trail.

This doesn't look very steep but it's a workout if you start at this end of the trail and coming down after a two-hour hike on tired and wobbly legs is a challenge too. There are several curves so I couldn't get the whole steep part in one photo.....just so you understand that this portion is STEEP.


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Leslie said...

I like your new blog setup! What will I do now that you don't need me? :( And I just want you to know that young people do hike that trail thank you very much!
Oh and you'll notice the post time on this, almost midnight. My blog is posted and I really should be in bed. I have no idea what eight hours of sleep feels like...