Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New life

I'm sitting at the computer shivering now because I refuse to turn on the heat when it's almost mid-June even though it's 63 degrees in the house. We keep getting showers or mist or thunderstorms and when I look up all I see is grey and clouds, and clouds and more clouds. I'm feeling as gloomy as the weather and I think webs are beginning to grow between my toes.

Everything is staying green much longer than normal because of all this abnormal moisture although the plants in the garden are growing at a snails pace and the seeds Dean planted are refusing to show their heads. However, not everything is waiting for warmer weather. In between rain showers the other night I was dragging up the lawn mower from the back yard to the front yard, cursing the extension cord which always get caught on something and yanks me back (yes, we have the only electric mower in the whole city and probably the whole state) when I thought I saw a dead mouse in the grass.

When I looked closer I saw this. A baby bird hiding in the grass was an excellent reason to postpone mowing the rest of the yard.



Leslie said...

So cute! I'm ready for sun for goodness sakes. I don't live in Seattle for a reason!

abby rose said...

What a beautiful little bird!