Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Fun

It was a weekend full of summertime activities, not the least of which was dealing with the annual miller moth migration we all love to hate. It's annoying enough to see them perched (do insects perch?) on the walls, windows and ceilings, but when they flit around my book light at bedtime it's a call to war. I've tried several methods of ridding our home of the pesky moth. When I'm feeling really magnanimous I will scoop it up in my hand and let go outside, but mostly I grab it, flush the toilet and throw the moth down into the swirling water for a burial at "sea." However, Friday night as I was staring up at the 15 or so &!*#$ little things resting peacefully all over my windows, I happened to notice the vacuum I'd never gotten around to putting away, put two and two together and came upon the best miller moth disposal method ever. I grabbed the vacuum, hooked the extension tubes (or whatever they're called) onto the end of the hose and went after them. It was easy to sneak up on the grey little body and hear pffffffft as the vacuum sucked up the little bugger before he/she even realized they were in jeopardy. It was such a rewarding activity that Dean got in on the action.

Abby was home for the weekend and weakly lobbied for a catch-and-release approach but quickly realized that was a hopeless cause and even though it went against all her entomologist instincts, searched out all the yet-to-be vacuumed moths.

A word of caution for any of you who feel you may like to attempt this at home. Placing the vacuum on your dining room chair so you can stretch that hose even further may very well result in this...and no, it wasn't me.

I think I see some newly upholstered chairs in my future.

The rest of the weekend we spent at the local NicFest viewing arts and crafts, listening to music, drinking beer, eating food we didn't have to cook, watching performances by a group out of Seattle, soaking up the sun and just generally enjoying ourselves.



Leslie said...

How is that you have so many months and I think I've seen five? You must be lucky!

abby rose said...

Sucking up moths at 10 pm on a Friday night was the most fun I've had in awhile!

Lesley Collins said...

You can borrow my three cats! It is a moth feast at my house.