Monday, September 7, 2009

12-Step Program

My name is Dean and I am a BFD addict.  All summer my life has been controlled by chunks of wood.  I have fooled myself into believing I was in control.  I thought I could stop working on the BFD at any time.  I was positive I could be at home for one full weekend without the uncontrollable urge to sort, inspect and touch wood until the perfect board is found.  I thought I could resist planing this newly discovered perfect board on my awesome jointer/planer until it was so soft and smooth I could rub it along the beard-free portion of my face (or maybe the larger area on top of my head) with no worry of slivers.  I told myself I could stop vacuuming stray specks of sawdust from this chunk of wood any time I chose.  There was no doubt in my mind I could say no! when my friend cried out for waterproofing to bring forth the soft lustre of her grain.  I believed it when I told my wife it would be easy to stay out of the garage for one whole weekend.  I promised I would not touch one power tool this Labor Day weekend. 
I am a BFD addict. I cannot stop. Help me....

Fessing up update:  Okay, I wrote that.  But I'm absolutively, positively, no-doubt-about-it sure that's what Dean WOULD have written if he could have.  I've heard admitting you have a problem is the first step.

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Art Elser said...

Ah, Dean, 37 years of marriage and the Honey-Do list now is addictive. Poor soul! You need to go out into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights and lick some rocks.