Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waiting With Excitement and Anticipation

We're here! At the airport anyway, and as we wait I'm blogging away. How nerdy is that? Maybe not so nerdy since I had to call Abby for a quick lesson on how to connect to a free wireless. It's my first time! I suppose that's a bit sad, actually. But not as sad as the fact that when Dean and I sat down and discussed the last time we'd gone anywhere for more than a 24-hour period completely alone, which means not meeting/seeing friends, not meeting/seeing family at some point in the trip----the last time we remembered doing that was for our 25th anniversary, a whoppin' 12 years ago. Now that's sad. In one short hour we will be breaking that long-standing record and hope to never set it again. Stay tuned for exciting posts from the brew pub capital of the world.

Oh, and by the way. Dean just got around to reading my last three posts and I screwed up big time. He's truly offended that I said the cornstalk was six feet tall. It is not. It is TWELVE feet tall. I'm not sure how I got six from twelve but I stand corrected.◦


abby rose said...

Don't forget to try some fish when you are there!

Al said...

The corn stalk only looks twelve feet tall. Remind shorty he's looking *up* at it in that picture. It's kinda like seeing a skyscraper from a distance versus looking up at it from the sidewalk in from. In reality, the corn stalk is a mere six feet tall.

Have a blast!

Lesley Collins said...

Must be some geologist thing - always having the correct number, height, mileage, etc.