Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Impressions of Portland

Portland has awesome grocery stores,

with lots of great wine,

bright houses, with interesting "art".

It's the brew pub capital of the world, and there is always something to do. 

In the Hawthorne neighborhood we are calling "home", short skirts, dreadlocks and full body tattoos are common and everybody has a dog.

Downtown Portland seems the same as most big cities except for the dozens of people we saw riding bicycles.  There are the homeless pushing overloaded shopping carts, "crazy" guys on corners "preaching",  and ethnic food everywhere --

It even has nerds.  When we were sitting outside eating our authentic Greek gyros today we overheard some Russian guys talking as they waited for the light to change.  When we looked more closely we saw they were wearing badges for a Lynux conference.    Dean said, "nerds are nerds no matter where they are."



Al said...

"Nerds are nerds no matter where they are." Hmm. Spoken like a true geologist. ;-)

abby rose said...

Too bad you can't take all that wine home with you on the plane...

Is Dad forming new ideas for potential Stilwellian sculptures at home?

Anonymous said...

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