Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is there a DOCTOR in the house?


I would like to introduce you to the Princess of Pretty Cool Insects, Duchess of Dragonflies, Queen of a Quadrillion Bugs, DOCTOR of all doggone awesome six-legged creatures.....


I am sitting in the local coffee shop while Abby kicks back and takes a well-deserved nap before we celebrate with some some good Nebraska beef and champagne.  I should also be somewhere taking a nap because I think I got all of four hours of sleep last night.  It's hard to sleep when you've made a deal with the stress demons.  You know that thing mothers do....."take me! give me the stress and the worry! give it all to me....just keep it from my child."  That and the fact that the high school football championships are being played this week and our hotel was filled with every citizen of a nearby small town, each of them dressed in red.....bright red....Nebraska red....every one of them.   And they ran up and down the halls in their bright red shirts and sat in the lounge drinking in their bright red jackets and they had Husker stickers on their cars and .....uh oh.....I am wearing red.............and I wore my red coat..................and my purse is red(ish) that (gasp) a Husker sticker on my car..........? And it's not even football Saturday........oh no........I'm ONE of them!

As it turns out there was no need for me to take on all that stress so that now I am feeling rather zombie-like; like I've already had more than my share of the bubbly.  I sacrificed myself, threw my body in front of those stress demons for nothing because Abby captured any and all demons in her trusty insect net, deposited them in her special insect jar, stood with her hands on her hips, said, watch this you evil demons and then

 stood tall and presented her findings in a clear and confident voice

Get up there and pose for me before it starts Abby.......pleeeez......

and  won the day.

Waiting to begin

She did herself proud and even the mites and thrips were clapping.  Okay I didn't see any mites or thrips, they are tiny after all, but I have a feeling they were there nodding in appreciation and stood on their tiny little legs and clapped til their little legs almost fell off.

Update Wednesday morning.....

I am now back at the coffee shop while Abby sleeps the sleep of the victorious.  Somehow as yesterday's celebrations went on my voice became more and more hoarse until this moment when I  am nearly voiceless.   Hey!  Is THAT why Dean's been smiling so much  this morning?  I'm sure my temporary state of silence has nothing to do with the number of times I said, "Dr. Abby.....Dr. Stilwell.....hey, Dr.Stilwell would you come here for a moment....Oh, Dr. Stilwell, I have a question for you.....yes, we are celebrating Dr. Stilwell's PhD tonight ...Yes, this is our daughter, Dr. Stilwell.  I'm positive it wasn't enough to cause me to lose my voice.



The Fuhrmans said...

Way to go Abby! Congratulations of the heartiest sort! Does this mean you can now deliver babies on a plane? ("is anyone here a doctor")

Al said...

Congrats, Abby!!! WAY TO GO!

Art Elser said...

Congratulations to Abby and to Cathy and Dave. I'm sure you are more than a Mite proud of Abby and are glad you could take the Thrip to see her thesis defense.

doreen said...

Way to go Abby congrats!!