Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pied Piper Played and There Was No Cheese

Damn those bloggers! I think they’re causing me to develop an inferiority complex. They keep posting and posting and posting and their posts are not monthly or weekly, but daily. And they’re not just posting ramblings about escaping gases or body probes.They are actually posting about things they have built, or sewed or baked or traveled to see. How the heck do they find the time to do that? Come on …. a hand-pieced quilt in a day? Really? And you still have time to blog about it? You just baked six dozen cookies, five layer cakes and a gingerbread house for your son’s bake sale but you wanted to share your photos with us before you leave to attend your hot-yoga class and you’ll post the recipe for the duck a l’orange you’re preparing for dinner as soon as you’re back? Are you crazy?

Honestly, do these bloggers not work? Or sleep? Or eat? Or go to the bathroom? Who do they think they are -- Jack Bauer? Do they not have a hus I mean children to care for? How do they fit watching Lost into all that creating and blogging?

Oh, and then there are the followers. I follow. I have followers….a few….very few. But what is a follower anyway? Is it like a friend on Facebook?

Ha! I have 46 followers now.

Well I have 99. People like me better. Loser.

Should I feel bad that only eight people are following me …. and almost half of them are my family? Is it possible I need blogger therapy? Therapy to discuss the deeper meaning behind why I am not leading well? Therapy to show me how to grab the baton, step high and lead? Or maybe I just need to be more specific about where I’m going. Maybe followers just don’t like surprises. Today, my followers, I am going to lead you to the land of whine!

Or maybe I’m just not cut out to be a blogger. Maybe those daily bloggers with 175 followers and 92 comments on each of their posts are the same people who were the editor of the school newspaper, class president, head cheerleader and dated the captain of the football team. Or … oh, and I like this one. Maybe they are making up their own followers! Maybe they have created a bunch of new people and then they assume those identities and comment on their own blog! That would mean they need therapy. Hey! You there!  Yes, you.  The obsessive blogger. You are crazy. Really. You need therapy.

Wow. That felt good.  Maybe I just don’t care after all.◦


Sarah said...

Cathy, it's Sarah Parady, just letting you know you also have 10 readers in Google Reader! ;) No way to tell who they are except one of them's me and I do love when Reader tells me there's a new post over here...

Al said...

It's all about quality, not quantity. Besides, you can always do what I've done and follow your own blog. Adds one to the list and then you can *really* claim to need therapy... Or maybe that would give you a hook for more followers. Cathy, the multiple personality blogger. Come follow her crazy antics while she puts all her internal struggles out there for the world to see! Judge her harshly lest she become complacent.

Or.... be content knowing that 8 people really enjoy your writing. :)

Art Elser said...

Well, Cathy, you can always look at me for a blogger who you leave far in the dust. I manage to post once a month, if the month doesn't have an R in it. Or is it months with and R? I forget. It's so long between posts.

Perhaps the bloggers you're commenting on are really Martha Stewart clones. You know, dig the clay, get some water from the creek, hack a potter's wheel out of a downed tree, throw a pot to boil the water in for the spaghetti you'll make from the wheat you harvested that morning. All the while sewing the table cloth and napkins for dinner for 18. Oh, and making and staining the table and chairs.

I could throw in hammering together a BFD to eat dinner on, but that would be going a bit too far.

I think Al is right. Quality in content is what you strive for, and always hit. And, you've only got 8 followers, but those are the best 8 in all of blogger land. Not a Martha Stewart in the bunch.

Cathy said...

Hey, Sarah. I don't have an e-mail for you but thanks for commenting! I didn't know you had a blog. I would follow you if you had that option. :-) I've added you to MY Google Reader.